Mystery Solved..

And now I just have to try and keep it together and *not* mention all my irrational fears repeatedly. Everything will be fine. People go on overseas trips all the time and come back not much different to when they left. Yes, even to countries like Thailand. At least it’s not Bali. At least he’s not flying Garuda or Korean or some dodgy airline. Yes, he will be flying on the 11th of September, and it is the five year anniversary of that event. keep it together!

They sent all the itinerary and ticket info and stuff through tonight, it’s really exciting. I think he might be starting to get excited and he did not once mention how dodgy he thinks Thailand is or any concerns that he’s been speaking about for some days now.

Tonight I was watching Rock Star and they had this ad for shows they will be running on the 11th and it was then I realised that he’s flying that day. I’ve done it before, and so have other members of the family. It’s nothing to freak out about. Had things worked out as planned, we could have been flying out from London on that date, which would have been a bit of a worry.

I didn’t like to see Ryan go home, and I have no idea what Dilana was doing tonight but that was a terrible performance. I could see Supernova didn’t like it at all.

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