Get serious!

Up till now, I have been using fairly cheap art stuff, mainly because you get a lot for a little bit of money.


But yesterday The Other Half and I went to the art shop where I picked up a little something I’ve had my eye on for a few weeks now.


I’m about to crack open the orange cadmium jar because I have a canvas all ready for it. I hope it smells better than the cheap paints do.

Also yesterday we went looking at new places we might want to live. Number one in the running is a sleepy little village where most houses are walking distance to the sea. Number two in the running is the same. And there’s quite a few of these sleepy little villages to choose from, most of them a short drive from where we live now. Of course we would rather have something which has a fairly large block – a buffer zone, if you like.

We found one house which we wanted to look at but when we went to the real estate agents it said no pets. I asked did that mean cats because a lot of times when they say no pets what they mean is, no dogs. However in this case it apparently meant every animal under the sun including goldfish, but the person I was speaking to clarified they didn’t actually know, because they don’t do the rentals. I said, well my cats are my kids, I’m not having any children, and if it said no kids then they’d be in a lot of trouble! They did not even offer to *ask* the landlord for me.

Clearly they must have an awful lot of people queueing up to rent places there – oh hang on, it’s been on the books for a couple of months with nobody living there? Oh, it’s just you real estate agents don’t really care about it and would rather sit on your arse than try to get it rented. Ok then.

We found some very nice real estate agents in one of the towns we are looking at, so we might just go in there and say here’s what we need, let us know if and when you get anything like it. And we did find one which we’re wanting to look more closely at, in a quiet street within close walking distance of a very nice river and the ocean.

It’s ok, we’re in no hurry. We’ve got plenty of time, and I have plenty of real estate alerts emailed to me.. ;)

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  1. Congratulations, it does matter when you use the better quality art materials. Especially paint the nicer brands tend to blend well, giving much smoother transitions. I’m proud of you for taking your art work seriously.

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