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Every Wednesday Julie Pippert from The Ravin Picture Maven holds a round table discussion. This week the topic is Political Correctness. I’m mentioning it up front in case anyone would like to give this topic a poke with a sharp stick themselves.

I would say my mother is the absolute queen of political correctness. Go along to get along. Let things go off your back like water off a duck. Don’t rock the boat, especially if you’re sitting in it. Don’t speak about how you feel. Don’t tell anyone your real thoughts. Keep up appearances at all costs. If someone is being a bitch, don’t call them on it. Take the high road. Rise above it. Blah, blah, blah.

She has been like this as long as I have known her. I wish I knew what earth shattering event caused her to shut down and install roller blinds over her real thoughts – but it was probably nothing more than someone disagreeing with her when she expressed an opinion, and she felt uncomfortable, so she decided the easiest way out is just.. shut up. She hates confrontation and will do anything to avoid it – unless she’s one on one with someone like me, who has never once barked at her when she’s told me what she thinks. Sure, I have disagreed, but somehow we manage to deal with that.

Due to growing up watching this in action, I am pretty much the complete opposite. I like to *think* I am, anyway. But when I look back and think about it, I have not always stood up for myself when I could have. Sometimes there were fights I just could not win. Sometimes the fight was not worth the effort. Sometimes it is easier to just turn away and close your eyes.

Some people have chosen NOT to participate in this topic this week – it’s a busy week for many getting ready to go to Blogher and meet their fellow bloggers. If it was politically correct to do so, I’d say there may be some who chose not to speak because they did not want to face the potential repercussions of speaking their mind on such a topic. I don’t know, but that is a possibility. It’s a shame because I would have liked to read their thoughts.

I don’t have a great many myself.. I’m not feeling particularly inspired today – in fact I am feeling a pull to the DVD player. In there is DVD #3 of season 2 of Desperate Housewives – hello, my name is Snoskred, and I am a Desperate Housewives addict. This show is one of the most politically incorrect that I can recall in recent history – it is actually a dark and twisted type of comedy. People are often surprised to find that out – I know my first impression of the show was that it was just another soap opera, but no! I wonder if maybe that is why people are so drawn to it. They like to see people saying what they really think – in particular I am thinking of the Edie character who never sugar coats things.


My favourite character is Bree. The shot above is taken from an episode where her recently dumped fiancee turns up while she is serving dinner to guests with a karaoke machine. He’s determined to sing her back into his arms. Bree goes outside and tells him to can it, but he won’t. So she goes inside, grabs a shotgun, and shoots the speakers off the top of the van.

Maybe that is another reason why people are drawn to the show – we love to dream of what we *could* do, what we *could* say, if only our hands weren’t tied by this PC nonsense. If only we could be REAL instead of NICE.

I read an article a couple of days ago which I’m going to link to here, it gives an interesting perspective on a new phenomenon soon to shut us up more.. I had it put aside for the wrap up but it suits todays topic. A Weak Me Too Why being the real you on the internet might not be the best of ideas..

I’m off to the shops. I might not be around much tomorrow, we have to go someplace, but I’ll be back with photos before the day is out..

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9 thoughts on “Political Correctness – The Hump Day Hmmm..

  1. Desperate Housewives rock. I love it too! I actually watch very little TV, yet hate to miss this show. I was a slow convert though because I thought it was like the abominable “OC” when I saw snippets of the show. Then the boys told me it was a comedy. I laughed at myself, opened my mind a little and now totally enjoy the show.

  2. I didn’t participate because I am trying to stay on focus with the book. But, I am interested in all people have to say on this topic. I am a fan of being selective in saying what one thinks, not out of fear but out of courtesy.

  3. I think that political correctness (and I said this over at Julie’s) has become out of control. But I also think it goes hand in hand with intolerance and gets used as a sort of weapon, a form of bullying.

    I’m glad you pitched in your two cents worth! Enjoy your DH DVDs!

  4. I think BlogHer is my biggest obstacle. Closely followed by time (busy).

    But ambivalence is one too.

    I know the sort of people you mean, avoid confrontation, sometimes to the detriment of everyone. Sometimes it’s kind to be “cruel.”

    I’m afraid, in part, that my post has caused people to think I mean” say whatever the hell crosses your mind and to heck with courtesy.”

    I don’t know how else to explain that this isn’t my point.

    But I have enjoyed your post, which has given me a lot to think about.

    I’m so glad you participated!

  5. I love DH!

    I do think in some cases political correctness has gotten out of hand. The workplace is the best example I can think of.

    But I think all of us are also talking about 2 different concepts in this discussion – there is political correctness and then there is not wanting to say or do anything controversial. The first can be a good thing. I certainly don’t want people dropping the N word around me, for instance. The second, I think is more indicative of personality and audience.

  6. I think Lawyer Mama summarized it well. Political correctness is a protective shield that allows us to basically go through our lives without too much conflict. That in itself isn’t an entirely unworthy goal.. but the extrapolation of it to being a silencing tool is another thing altogether.

    Workplaces are definitely the worst!



  7. “if it was politically correct to do so, I’d say there may be some who chose not to speak because they did not want to face the potential repercussions of speaking their mind on such a topic. I don’t know, but that is a possibility.”

    yep, that’s me.

    i don’t like this about myself.

  8. Joh – I don’t usually watch the newer shows on tv because the tv channels mess us about so much. ;( I’m glad I decided to watch it when it started on foxtel sometime last year and the first episode convinced me to try the box set. When I started watching it I wasn’t so into it but then one day it grabbed me and dragged me in, and I watched eight episodes in a row and met the other half at the door when he got home from work, telling him to take the dvds away because I could not stop. And he DID! :(

    Emily – I would have loved to see what you’d have written on this topic.. maybe another time?

    Mary-LUE – I agree that it has become out of control and that it is often used as a weapon. ;(

    Julie – I often feel a bit misunderstood on certain things. Like the secret thing I wrote about in your comments. There’s a time when you have to say what you think in order to get the message across, in order to help someone, in order for healing to begin. There’s a time when you have to be honest instead of courteous. It is not just about whatever crosses your mind and to heck with others feelings. I have a post brewing on this topic soon.. :)

    Lawyer Mama – I don’t want people dropping the N word around me either. And I agree that we’re talking about 2 different things.

    Chani – I loved your post on this. Workplaces are very evil when it comes to PC, I’ve found that too.

    Christine – It’s not always a bad thing. There are times when I have wisely shut up because I know to get into a discussion can bring unwanted attention.

    Thanks for the comments everyone! ;)


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