I am Addicted to Desperate Housewives..

Yes, it is true. This show is so funny.. and I now have season 3. So probably not much of sense will be appearing here on the blog for a little bit.

Almost a year ago I wrote this post, and today I found the clip I was talking about on youtube, so enjoy. ;)

Have you seen the show, do you like it? Let me know in the comments.. :)

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5 thoughts on “I am Addicted to Desperate Housewives..

  1. I’ve watched it all. I really liked the first season, not the second one so much but have enjoyed it since then. My favourite characters are Bree and Lynette. Susan irritates me.

  2. I was hooked during the first season, but not so much on the second season. Still I have the dvd’s I will watch them some time. I’ll just ff throught the parts I don’t like. My faves are Bree & Gabrielle.

  3. I’ve never seen this show, but I know lots of people that just couldn’t miss an episode. It’s great that TV seasons are available on DVD so I can catch up on shows that everyone raves about. But it can also cause me to spend hours at a time watching one episode after another!

  4. Once they start making a movie out of a TV series, it usually is an indicator for declining quality… if you want to make a show even more popular most of the time you will have to adapt to a broader audience which somewhat alters the character of the show.

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