FriYAY Kitty Day


Supervisor kitty discovered our retro Caroma bathroom stool that almost every Australian household seemed to have, back in the 70’s and 80’s.


I have no idea where this thing came from or how it found its way into our household. I secretly suspect these things travel in packs at night, populating themselves into houses where there is not a Caroma bathroom stool presently living.


Ours gets used for so many things. Changing light bulbs, haircuts and hairdye-ing, and now it seems to have become a kitty perch. Really what Happy wants is a series of plastic stools at varying heights, so she can pick and choose where to sit and supervise our kitchen work.

I turned around and saw her sitting here, and doubled over laughing, because she was giving me her unique improbable kitty face.

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6 thoughts on “FriYAY Kitty Day

  1. She’s a beauty and your description of her having a unique improbable kitty face is priceless. Do they come in all different sizes? That would be an incredible look… but not in my house, thank you! But just think how happy Happy would be.

  2. She’s so pretty! And what a great supervisor! ;) I’ve noticed that cats are like managers: they watch and critique, but don’t help. (I’m a manager, so it’s all in good fun!)

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