Improbable Kitty


Whenever I am working in the kitchen these days, I have a kitty supervisor. Happy the little kitty jumps up and sits on the bar stool on the opposite side of the kitchen counter. She closely watches what I am doing, in case I might be making her a snack. 99% of the time, I am *not* making her a snack!

In recent times, she has begun to display the most hilarious expression while sitting there. There is a combination of doubt and disbelief in her eyes.

It is almost as if she is mentally asking me..

What on earth do you think are you doing now?

I like to call this particular expression “Improbable Kitty”. As in, what you are doing presently is “unexpected and apparently inauthentic” plus, “not likely to be true or to happen”.

Alternatively, she is transmitting the thought – it is totally unbelievable to me that you are not making me a snack right now.


So the other night I was making dinner while The Other Half sat on the barstool watching me. I had just placed my chicken into a bowl with lime and lemon juice, added some white wine, and went back to add in some more lime and lemon.

I looked up, and he had this bizarre expression on his face. It made me say “What? I’m just marinading my chicken?”…

and he replied.. “I’m Improbable Kitty”. And I lost it and laughed for many, many minutes..

You can tell from my reply, he got that improbable kitty impression 100% correct.

Happy has been such a wonderful addition to our household. She makes us laugh every single day.


Happy doing Improbable Kitty while Grumpy lurks in the background

Improbable Kitty is not her only talent. At night, she impersonates a sandbag on the bed most effectively. This is slightly less funny to The Other Half, who gets woken up when he can’t turn over because there is a sandbag in his way.

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14 thoughts on “Improbable Kitty

  1. I don’t have that problem. There’s not enough bench space for me to work on, so if Angel jumped up he would most likely land in the sink or on the hotplates. Not a good idea, so I’m very glad he has never even tried. He does wind around my ankles every time I start making something, just in case it’s for him. Happy is cute.

    • For a long time Happy could not jump at all, she was very unskilled at jumping and climbing. She couldn’t even get up on the bed at first. So the day she managed to sit on the chair was a pretty incredible day. Those are tall barstools. But that is where it ends – we have trained her to sit on the chair and stay there. She’s happy there because she can see what is going on, and sniff the smells.

      The gas hotplates and sink are in a different area and both cats would find it difficult to get up there, which is a good thing.. ;)

      I have been watching The Supervet lately and they often use hydrotherapy for kitties with broken legs and/or damaged nerves and muscles.. they have a little life vest that goes on the cat. Last week they had a kitty who meowed most pitifully the whole time she was in the pool, but it did her the world of good and managed to save her leg from having to be amputated..

      I cannot imagine either of my kitties in water, not at all.. they are not fans of it. :)

  2. ha ha my cats fail at being cats, they don’t care about what I do in the kitchen one bit. They are both obsessed with being in the linen cupboard this week though…

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