12 thoughts on “Carter & Happy – WW

    • Happy loves the lap of Carter for the following reasons –

      1. Carter does not move, ever.

      2. The lap rug is toasty warm.

      3. The gas heater is close by – but not close enough for her to feel the warm breeze. Happy does not like any form of wind, even if it is warm!

      She is presently spending 12 or so hours a day on the lap of Carter. :) She is there right now, in fact. ;)

    • I think she is, having just read the definition on Wikipedia. But she does have some hidden tabby stripes in there, you can only see them in a certain kind of lighting. ;)

    • She rarely sits on me anymore because I move too much, and she has discovered that she can see everything that is going on from Carters lap.

      I have to say I am a bit grateful she is hanging out with Carter so much, because she was spending a lot of time on the top of my recliner, sandbagging up there, and it meant I struggled to get out of it sometimes because her sandbag weight pushed it out to full extension! ;)

    • Carter always makes me smile, too. :) and very occasionally, makes me do a little scream.

      Sometimes Happy makes the head of Carter move to a new position with her licking, and that freaks me out a little. ;)

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