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Back in 2008 I had an art project which did not work out – I had tried sticking sequins to a canvas with glue which dulled the sparkly sequins. Rather than lose the canvas, and because I had already drawn the stencil onto it, I used modelling paste to build up a texture of my Denkyem stencil.

I was not sure what I was going to do with this or whether it would work out in the end. I thought maybe I would paint it one colour and then dry brush in some gold or silver over the top.

The last thing I posted about it, that is how the canvas looked. And then I got distracted by other things and/or forgot to post any further updates. I wasn’t sure myself what had happened with it, until I was cleaning up my art room and found the completed work in a box.

Now, it looks like this –


I think it turned out pretty well in the end. :) You certainly cannot tell there are sequins under there, and the texture is really nice. The silver metallic paint helps it to jump out of the canvas. If I were to do it again, I might do a matt black underneath the silver and allow some of the black to show through in the lower areas, just to make the texture pop a little more.

You can read the original posts here – Work In Progress – and here – Short Update plus you can see another work I did with the Denkyem stencil here – Opinions Needed

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10 thoughts on “Art Time Travel

  1. I’ve seen this design on several of your posts lately, I don’t like it, but the colours work well together.
    Would sequins stick better with spray adhesive?

    • I think the biggest problem with sticking sequins is, you have only a very tiny area which is touching the canvas, so to make them stick you have to use a lot of glue and once the glue covers the sequins they stop being sparkly.

      The symbol has quite a lot of meaning. It is a DENKYEM – “crocodile” – symbol of adaptability – The crocodile lives in the water, yet breathes the air, demonstrating an ability to adapt to circumstances. :)

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