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A couple of weekends ago we spent some serious time tidying up my art room, which had become a bit of a mess and a dumping ground for stuff that did not have a proper home. We also hung up a lot of art on the walls – some of it in order to hide where the previous people had pulled the paint off the walls when they removed some of their art work, which is why this next photo might seem like a slightly odd way of hanging art –


The little frame you spy next to the tiger is specifically hiding one of those paint ripped off spots. Probably some people might think it is a weird way to display art, but those ripped off paint spots irritate me enormously and I actually kind of like the non-symmetrical aspect of this group of art.


Over on this side, it is more about where the studs were in the wall than trying to hide anything, because this side of the room has no ripped off paint areas.


This piece of art is an interesting one – it is actually similar to foil art and any photos I take do not really do it justice.


In that photo above you see some stuff I have left on the table to sort through and find new homes for. Also some sparkly contact paper which I found at Kmart. I’ve used it to make some stickers of my Denkyem stencil which I’ve put on my laptop –


There is also a strip of holographic duct tape that Sephy sent me once. If I recall correctly, he took me on a video walk of Walmart and when I saw this holographic duct tape I declared it must be posted to me. And so it was. Please excuse my still drying from just being wiped with an anti bacterial cloth laptop. :)


In part this little tidy up was inspired by adult colouring in books becoming a thing, which is inspiring me to get back into art again. But also, it was inspired by things like me not being able to find all my wrapping paper and gift bags. These have now all been placed into one box –


I love holographic things, as I think you can tell by the awesome 35 metre roll of wrap I bought from Costco. Here is a closer view of that!


There you have a little tour of my art room, and you can expect to see some new projects appear here on the blog.

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19 thoughts on “The Art Room

  1. Don’t you always feel good after giving a room a good clean-up and make-over. I have heard of adult colouring books becoming very popular. A friend of mine sells them and she can’t keep up with the demand xx

    • I do feel a lot better after doing a tidy – yesterday though I went a little bit too far. I walked into my living space around 2:15pm and thought – I really want to clear off my side tables. Around 5pm when the other half arrived home late without messaging me to mention he would be late, he found me on the floor having just finished cleaning my entertainment unit. I thought it was only 4pm or so! ;)

      I’d cleaned my side tables, vacuumed the floor plus my recliner and the floor under my recliner, the other recliner with Carter in it, the dining chairs, then I got started with the antibacterial wipes and glass wipes. I cleaned two big sets of windows, the treadmill, some other side tables, all my remotes got a thorough cleaning, my side table got a proper deep clean, my laptop plus all the power switches, lamps and power boards got a wipe down, and then I started in on the entertainment unit.

      Plus, I did two loads of washing, three loads of dishwashing, and after dinner was cooked and eaten, I gave the kitchen sink a really good scrub. I’m a little bit broken today! :) but twas worth it.

      The adult colouring in books are super expensive! I’m buying one every four weeks or so, and looking for free printables in between. ;)

  2. Bottle gift bags breed, I am sure. We have so many we no longer keep them unless they are extra special. Clearly we receive a lot of wine as gifts but don’t give wine as a gift very often.

    • I have a lot of small gift bags that I got from Avon, mostly suitable for giving perfume type gifts. We do get gifted quite a bit of wine but rarely drink it! ;)

  3. Wonderful look inside the art room! The marks on the wall would bug me too. I absolutely love that canoe painting(photo?) and would steal it off your wall if I lived closer. ;) It makes me feel happy and peaceful just looking at it.

    • The canoe pic was an Ikea find, they were selling it for $5.95 on clearance. :) I think it was taken somewhere in Sweden.

      When this house was built, the builder just painted right on the plasterboard, without any sealer or primer or anything. This means the paint just pulls right off when things are stuck to it. We’ve used mostly nails in the studs for our recent hanging up of art, because most other options would not stay long term. ;)

  4. I like your wall arrangements, they don’t look at all odd or out of place.
    I love the holographic paper wrap!
    My first laptop was an ASUS, I still have it somewhere.

  5. It amazes me how much gift wrapping, bags and bows I’ve amassed over the years. I have it all in an under the bed box that has rollers on it. Out of sight! Can’t fit any more in it though. Guess that means I need to stop buying it. Or give more gifts. :)

    • It amazes me as well.. :) I think that stuff secretly breeds when we’re not looking!

      Costco have such a huge range of awesome gift wrap, bags, bows and ribbons at very excellent prices. I can resist most of it but when it is holographic I cannot decline that! :)

    • Mitchell – On this occasion we removed most of the stuff from the room and then only put back what was going to live there.. so just be aware that my way of cleaning will create a larger mess to begin with! :)

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