The Art Table

When we lived back in Adelaide some years ago, we bought a couple of ex-office tables from Mr Bankrupt. The tables were $29 each but they would have been worth a lot more originally. They were old and the tops were not perfect but they were solid. The bottoms of the tables were even more solid than the tops..

I’ve been using them for art tables for some time now just with some old material on top of them but when I decided to get serious about art again I wanted to cover at least one of them properly. So when we went shopping the other day I chose some pink cotton which is almost as tough as canvas itself.

Yesterday, The Other Half got out the staplegun and stapled first a layer of table cover material, then the pink stuff. And here is how it looked once he was done.

The Art Table

Yep, it is really pink! ;) And here is how it looks 24 hours later, with quite a few art projects already taking up space. I’ll tell you more about each project in the coming days.
The Art Table

I put down some newspaper and then a clean layer of a4 paper because I never am too sure about newspaper and whether the ink will transfer to something else. However this is not just a4 paper out of a fresh packet, all this has been used, either written on or printed on the other side. This is recycling, and of course once I am done with it all the paper will end up in the recycling bin.

I’ll show you the other table, which resides on the other side of my desk, once I have made it more presentable. At the moment it has a lot of stuff on it.

I’m playing with texture on a few of these projects, using modelling paste to create some different things. That is the big jar you can see on the table there. This is actually the last thing I was doing in the art class I was going to a while back so it kinda feels like a complete circle. I am also doing some stencilling.

I keep my paints on the other table, they are still inside a big container to keep them all neat. I mix up over that side, then once I have it how I want it, I move back to the pink table and paint.

I currently have 7 different works in progress there. I like to do a few at a time because you never know what you’re going to feel like working on that day.

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2 thoughts on “The Art Table

  1. Wow! 7 projects on the go at once. I wish I could be as multi-tasking as that. I find I can’t concentrate on anything but the single piece I’m working on, but that may have to change if I take up oils seriously. Days of drying in between layers is required, and patience isn’t my strong point!

    Looking forward to seeing what you’re creating.



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