Meet Carter

So I bought me a little friend at Costco.

This is Carter, my skeleton friend.


Back when I was getting along with everyone at work, and when I was doing the overnight shift, Carter spent a few over-nights sitting out in my car. It was hilarious because people would suddenly notice him as they were walking past my car, and let out bloodcurdling screams, or perhaps do a little freak out jump.

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4 thoughts on “Meet Carter

  1. I had a big dog who loved to go to work with me, even just sitting out in the car. So, weather permitting, I let him come now and then. His favorite thing was to wait patiently for someone to come up even with his window and suddenly sit up (his head and mane filled the window) and scare the crap out of the passerby.

    Reading your story, I couldn’t help but imagine Carter waiting to scare people and jumping up just as they passed. Would have been terrific to be able to rig that.

    • That would have been hilarious! :)

      I did ask the other half if it would be possible to rig up some red LED eyes for Carter, as seen on The Brady Bunch one halloween episode, the skull in the fridge. He never got around to it in time – word got around about Carter before this could be done.

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