Carter Gets A New Hat


A couple of months ago, we were sitting down at our local bowling club watching a band (sadly not The Villains) play and there were these kids with sparkly sequin hats. I said to The Other Half – I would like one of those for me!


On a trip to Warrawong to get my car washed and pick up chicken from Lenards, I handed over the car keys and was told to return in 2 hours. We did some serious wandering around and in a shop called either Smart Dollar, Hot Dollar, or some other word I can’t recall in front of the Dollar, hats with sequins were discovered. For the low price of $5, I picked up this gorgeous purple number, and for the time being it resides on the skull of my excellent and quite silent friend Carter.


He was already wearing this purple tee, it is just coincidence that the hat matches it. I had considered a few other colours, silver and pink, and decided that purple would go with the most outfits of mine.


A profile view. Carter suggested keeping his beanie on, and the hat fits better that way. :)

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6 thoughts on “Carter Gets A New Hat

    • The kitties keep Carter well supplied with small friends. Usually there are a couple of (fake) mice there too.. Speaking of which, I’ll break out a fresh mice on a string for Happy today. Kmart have this little packet of cat toys and she loves the mice on a string, she carries the mouse around with the string and the stick trailing behind her.. :)

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