Carter Gets Dressed


The last time I went to Hawaii – back in 2011 – our house got broken into. One of the reasons was because they could look in the back door and see my laptop..

After that we bought a screening device so people could not see where I usually sit – well, most of where I usually sit. If you are standing at the back door you can see my legs and feet.

So we thought why not let them see legs and feet, even though we are not here? We dressed Carter up in the other half’s ugly bogan jeans and an awesome Carter themed tee.

We sat him in my chair. There was only one minor problem – my parents were going to be dropping in to feed the cats. So I had to put notes up on the door to remind them of Carter, because he can seriously freak you out – even when you do know he is there but accidentally forget.

I have been known to do the little jump and scream.

Carter had a great time, hanging out, watching teevee – of course we left the teevee on for the cats, plus to have sound in case anyone was checking out if people were in the house.

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5 thoughts on “Carter Gets Dressed

  1. I love Carter! I am just imagining what a potential burglar would do if he could see a little more of Carter. Would you break in if you saw a skeleton? Would you call the police and say hey, I was about to break into this house when I saw a dead guy? Walk away? It would just have to be so funny.

  2. He’s great! I wish I had a Carter. I’d sit him on the front porch, in a bikini in the summer and rug him up in the winter. Of course I might have to chain him to the rail so he doesn’t go walkabout.

  3. That’s a really good idea. I have heard ideas such as putting on lights and even making sound recordings of voices but I have not heard this idea before. It’s good you left reminders about Carter’s presence. That would be absolutely terrifying if forgotten about.

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