Do you know anyone who is just lucky?

My Dad is seriously lucky. There have been days where he has won multiple meat trays, the $200 bonus voucher, his card has been drawn in the members draw for $1500, and he wins several hundred on the pokies as well.

But recently he broke all his previous records of luckiness and won over 7 and a half thousand in one spin on the pokies. He was playing his favourite machine which was hooked up to a state Major and Minor jackpot, and he won the major jackpot.


Even more unbelievable, I did not get passed this lucky gene. :(

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4 thoughts on “Unbelievable

  1. No one in our family. But my friend Pug always wins the prize at – what do you call it? And the pokies. And in-game when we play online, if there’s a rare prize to be won he’s likely to get it.

  2. Hello Snoskred, long time no see (read).
    No one in my family is lucky either, least of all me. That doesn’t stop me buying a lotto ticket whenever there is a mega-draw going on.
    How very naughty of your Dad to not pass on his lucky gene!

  3. That is truly amazing, I can’t believe it, must be the most exciting feeling. I have a friend who loves to play on the pookies very frequently. She took me with her once and we won about $600. It was such a thrill. But apart from that I don’t have luck with it.

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