Allowed VS Aloud Part 1

~ Image credit to KA-92 on Deviant Art ~

In our continuing series of despair for the world, over the coming weeks I will present to you multiple Fail Whales – To begin with, we will devour a few occasions on Facebook where aloud has been used in the place of allowed..


So, let us analyse this little piece of awesomeness.

1. I do not know the rules of this group, nor can I be bothered trying to find them out, I’m just going to post this kthx.

2. I’m graciously giving you permission to delete my post if it happens to break the group rules.

3. I do not know when I should use too instead of to. If you my dear readers are confused on this, click here to be enlightened.

4. I also do not know when I should use allowed instead of aloud. Dear readers, when you read the above image text, did you hear it spoken out loud? Of course not. Allowed is the one that should be used here. If you wish for more info on this, click here.

5. Finally, to add insult to injury, I am going to spam you with this link where you can vote for someone you do not know and have never met to win $10,000.

That my friends is 5 levels of Fail Whale.

Of course it is clear this poor little man is going to NEED $10,000 of education given he has a parent who has no clue on oh so many things. :)

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