Ball vs Bawl



Oh dear. I sincerely hope you did not. So many images come to mind.. netballs, baseballs, debutante balls, bowling balls, stress balls, those little plastic balls in ball pits, man balls otherwise known as testicles.. NEEDLE SCRATCH wait what?

I don’t know about you, but when I find something terribly upsetting, causing salt water to leak from my eyes, the last place I am intending to put my crying eyes is in a man’s crotch area. Maybe it is just me. :)

Please tell me it is not just me. Pretty please?

Bawl vs Ball

Two very different things which should never be confused for each other. Dear Baller, here is your Fail Whale. It is much prettier than your fail. I do not think I will ever get tired of the beauty of this art. In fact it almost makes fail whales worthwhile.

~ Image credit to Neoyume on Deviant Art ~

Now if only this gorgeous art could wipe out that mental picture of testicles and eye balls..

My work is done here, kthx!

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One thought on “Ball vs Bawl

  1. I didn’t immediately go to my own nether regions when I saw the word “balled”. I must cherish them LOL ;)

    Instead, I thought of a melon baller, and thinking why “why in the world would you want to do that to yourself?”

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