Allowed VS Aloud part 3

~ Image credit to Neoyume on Deviant Art ~

Is that the most beautiful Fail Whale you have ever seen? I love this Fail Whale so much I am going to put it on my desktop. :) Unfortunately not as pretty are the fails I have to share today.


So once again can’t be bothered working out if there are group rules or if this fits within them, imma gonna let you have your classifieds group but just let me post this kthx. Someone stole something from me, not that I really care about that, but can you give it back for the sake of my poor sad child. Aww..


Hmm. Let me try and answer this. If your hubby does not know the rules for having the license *and* it means so little to him that he totally forgot to renew it for a number of months, maybe this license is not for him. Best save the boat licenses for those who actually want and need them. :)

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