Take Note.


If you see naked children in the driveway of their home, this is not a usual or normal thing. It’s not ok. It means that someone isn’t paying attention to those kids, or that someone doesn’t care enough to make sure they have clothes on.

Why do I mention this? 18 month old twins were found dead in a house in Brisbane this week. And in the story linked to back there appears this comment –

Although two of the boys had appeared naked in his driveway from time to time, Mr Zammit said they looked quite healthy and he never suspected their parents might have been neglecting them.
“They’re kids, they run around and do these things,” he said.

In this day and age, no kids run around naked.

Unless you’re living in some kind of nudist camp, if you see this in your neighbourhood, get on the telephone. Even if they “appear healthy”. You might not know who to call, but the police would probably be a good start. There’s also usually some kind of child protective services.

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8 thoughts on “Take Note.

  1. Gawd, that is dreadful…

    I think adults can be really naive. Or in denial or something. They simply can’t believe that abuse would ever happen in their neighborhood, and they’re blind to all the warning signals.

    18-month-old twins. Just sickening.

  2. This was a most heart breaking story to read. I couldn’t blog about it because of my own twins.
    Unimaginable …
    I agree – though our neighbours could go weeks without seeing my boys outside – and they don’t run around naked (unless mid summer and in the toddler pool) – certainly not alone in the driveway.
    How very strange for a neighbour to think it was normal and a justifiable excuse.

  3. i agree with pieces of mind, some adults just can’t believe that abuse like that would ever occur, or they don’t want to report it and be wrong …. sometimes its difficult to go with the gut feeling , or … perhaps I’m wrong

  4. We never allowed nudity in the front garden, but then they are kids. I think the issue is the break down in community connections which is a world wide problem. Not my problem mate. Well yes, it is as you say. It is a fine line however. I would feel that it was a violation to be dobbed in for a one off event.

  5. I would never think it was normal to see anyone of any age running around anywhere naked on even one occasion. How terrible. Better to be overly concerned than to show no concern at all.

  6. I once called child services about a boy who lived across the road from us.

    Quite often I would see him out in the front “yard” (no fence) with no supervision. He would run away whenever I went near him. Until one day I went to drive out my driveway and nearly ran over him. He was so distressed I carried him home (he was only wearing a nappy) and a woman was sat on the couch. When she saw me at the door she didn’t get up but yelled out for someone who came and took him off me. I presume that was his mother. Who I presume was his grandfather seemed to do most of the child care, but he was a taxi driver and worked (and thus slept) odd hours. I did keep a very close eye on him though.

    I agree people need to take more responsibility for what they see around them, and use their brains a bit more.

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