It’s all too much..

Not the best of days today. Sephy and I had plans to read 100 blogs. About 5 blogs in, I found something which inspired me to make the one photo a day project. And while making that blog, I found that blogger the new version has a kick ass way of changing colors and fonts, so I decided to switch this blog over to the new style. You may have noticed, it looks a bit different. I almost deleted it entirely at one point, I was so frustrated with trying to get it to work right.

So after about an hour of freaking out, I think I’ve worked out that anything that involves working with computers would not be a good job for me. However, I did enjoy making the graphic at the top of the new blog page.

But it kinda put a damper on the reading blogs, in fact took a huge chunk of time out of my day. I managed 25 in the end. I was going to keep going but then I got to a blog where some woman had commented she couldn’t wait for her husband’s cat to die so they don’t have to have a litterbox anymore, and I kinda got a bit mad. Like hello, selfish bitch. I can’t wait for you to die so you can quit taking up space here on our planet. I stopped myself from commenting on her blog and I won’t post a link to her blog here so ya’all can show her the kind of love I know you all want to.

So what does one do when it all turns to shyte? There’s only one thing to do.. watch William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet with Leonardo Dicaprio and Claire Danes. I haven’t done it in ages but I’m off to do that now.

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4 thoughts on “It’s all too much..

  1. Romeo and Juliet soundtrack – Radiohead’s Talk Show Host – fabulous.
    And I do think you should reveal the Kitty hater – I would like to chew her ears and tail off.

  2. Heya, thanks for stopping by Zucchinis in Bikinis. You’re right about the cat h8r, what a bitch. And I am completely fascinated now by scambaiting (have just spent the last 45 mins reading your other blog and I am intrigued +++). I have two little kids and am phenomenally cautious so I doubt it’s the sport for me, but I salutes ya for playing (it’s a worthwhile exercise).

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