Zazzy from Zazamataz mentioned here back in September that she might be doing NABLOPOMO this year, and I figured I would give it a go as well.


The official website for NaBloPoMo is here.. Everyone has till November 5 to add their blog to the official blogroll via a link in this post.

I gave Zazzy 7 writing prompts which I am going to use myself this month, though I might not get to all of them, and not necessarily in the below order. If you are also posting every day in November and you get stuck, feel free to use these writing prompts.

The prompts are –

1. 1 movie you loved & why
2. 1 TV show you disliked & why
3. Share a “secret” you have never before shared on your blog.
4. Tell us about a quirk or odd habit that you have.
5. Do you like a cup of tea? When and why? What else do you put in it?
6. What are some of your favourite things?
7. What is your favourite treat of all time?

Some of these prompts may springboard into more than one post. If you are looking for more prompts, head on over to the blog of Mark Bialczak – So you asked for prompts, Team Pepper? Nano Poblano – there’s 39 writing prompts there so you’ll be sure to find one that works for you.

I’ll tell you a little secret. I’ve actually written more than 30 posts, and scheduled them. I’m actually scheduled out to mid-December. Some of these posts may get bumped for timely happenings here in Snoskredland.

I wrote and pre-scheduled the posts because.. and I say this with a sense of dread and fear.. I thought I might give NaNoWriMo a go. I’m still not sure but I do have two story ideas and it would be interesting to spend two hours a day just focusing in on telling these stories in my head.

NaBloPoMo Commenting Challenge

So how exactly does one comment on *and* add hundreds upon hundreds of blogs to ones feed reader?

With a lot of patience, dear readers. The official blogroll after just 24 hours lists 292 blogs, after 48 hours there are 411 blogs and there are still a few days to go.

Plus, some bright spark over at Blogher thought it would be awesome to have all the blogs open in a frame and I would have to close the frame in every window to get the blog URL. That really slowed me down for the first 40 or so blogs.

Never fear, I haz technical GURU. The Other Half got technical and made me a links page – You can use it too, if you like. It is here – NaBloPoMo Links – and I will update it once the complete list has been posted, so all the blogs are on there.

If I have not left you a comment yet, never fear

– it is likely that when I dropped by there was not a post I felt like my comment would be appropriate for, but I will be back.

Are you participating in NaBloPoMo?

Leave a link to your blog below so other participants can find your blog easily. :)

Unlike a regular link up – Please link to your BLOG URL, not to a post. :)

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  1. Thank you so much for setting up the link party and for your kind comments on my blog. I loved your “Snoskred Is…” page! Looking forward to meeting more bloggers this month!

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