A Quick NaBloPoMo Thing

I’ve been adding the blogs to Inoreader, and I have created two bundles.

You do not need an Inoreader account to check out the bundles.


It will look like the above image, awesome huh? You can scroll through some lovely images and post titles and sometimes text from posts. You can click through and read the posts. You might find a new blog or few to read. :)

NaBloPoMo 2014 – This one contains 613 feeds. (Updated 19/11/14)

NaBloPoMo Keepers – This one contains 65 feeds – blogs I felt right away were long term keepers.

If you are taking part in NaBloPoMo and your blog is not on the keepers list, it is me, not you. I just need a little more time to read and get to know you before I declare you to be a keeper..

Update –

I have gone through the links list today and added in the missing links – the bundles have been updated with the missing blogs. :)

I’ve done all the work of adding in nearly 700 to the feed reader, so you won’t have to. And believe me it is not a very fun job.. right click, copy link, paste, add “feed” behind the /, hit the + button, hope I got the feed URL right and it loads.

I hope that by the end of this month I will have added in all 1427 URLs.

We also have the linkup still going – click here to add your blog.

The NaBloPoMo blogroll is now available split into two groups – the blogs I have added to the feed reader with any double ups removed, alphabetised, and URLS fixed for the most part – NabList Fixed – and the as yet not added blogs with double ups removed, alphabetised, and the URLs fixed – Nablist 2

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6 thoughts on “A Quick NaBloPoMo Thing

  1. I’ve been enjoying your keeper feed. The big one is just too overwhelming for me. I haven’t decided about blogs to keep reading though there are several that I probably will.

    • @ Zazzy – It has been fairly overwhelming to add all those blogs in there, but I think the results are worth it in the long run – I have found some truly brilliant new blogs and I expect by the end of this process to have a fairly decent bunch of keepers which I never would have found otherwise.

      The good part is I have got to know Inoreader quite well and I do love it. There are nitpicky things I would change – like I would love to be able to multiple highlight a bunch of blogs and add them to a folder with one click.. thanks for recommending that to me, this commenting challenge would have been impossible without it. :)

  2. Thank you so much for finding me!! Wow!! What a lot of work you have done! I, too, have been trying to go through the NaBloPoMo Blog Roll and check out all the blogs, but there are SOOO many. :) I bookmarked your blog and look forward to reading along with you!

    Thanks, again!

    • @ Melissa K. McCarthy – There are also a few problems with the blogroll, here’s just a couple I have encountered but those using my inoreader bundle will not have to –

      – wordpress.com blogs there are a significant number with http://www.wordpress.com – and that URL does not work, I have to take the w’s out. I might actually do a search and replace on my links file and get rid of them that way.

      – Some of the URLs are mis-spelled, sometimes in an easy way for me to work out, and sometimes not.

      It is mostly a fun process but it is hard work, too. :)

    • @ San – You are more than welcome. :)

      Feed reading is an awesome way to keep up with blogging friends! I love it. I could not possibly read or keep up with all the blogs I read without it.

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