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New blogs added to the feed reader since 30 September –

Adelaide and Beyond
A is for Abi
A Wheelbarrow Full Of Style
Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl
Australian Subscription Boxes
Big Fat Betty
Call Me Kim
eat quaff laugh
Elizabeth Spiers
Feeling flabulous
Fizz and Frosting
Healthy Food For Living
High Riser
kelly exeter
Life in the City
Memoirs of a Chronic Chick
Mookie’s Life
My Kitchen Stories
Natty Nikki
Nibbles and Noshes
Pamper and Curves
Plus Size & Proud
Poires au Chocolat
Polished Curves
Positively Stephanie
Pretty Big Butterflies
Ruby Sapphire
Sarah’s Heart Writes
Seana Smith
Seeking Victory
Sort Life Out; Buy Milk
Stage Your Presence
The Curved Opinion
The I Love You Song
The Left of Perfect
The Life of a Beauty Addict
The Not So Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess
U Can’t Wear That!
Up Up and Away
Under The Porch Light

Welcome to my feedreader, bloggers! There are 45 of you. In my internet travels I found my way to your blog, often because I read a blogger who linked to you. I liked your blog a lot. While there, I probably read back about 40+ posts or so. Then I added you to my feedreader.

Most of you will know what a feedreader is, but in case you do not, click here for info. The quick run down – it is an awesome program which collects new articles that bloggers post. So when you post something new, I get a copy, and if I have the time and something to say, I will click through and comment.

At the end of 6 months or so, if I am still loving your blog as much as I did when I added you to my feed reader, I will add you to my permanent blogroll. YAY!

Please note :

Blogger and Google are doing a weird thing where they change the URL to be because I am from Australia and I am signed in to my gmail account. I think I caught all the ones that it changed on me, but if your URL is incorrectly listed here, please let me know in the comments and I will correct it. Obviously, you want all links to your blog to be to your actual blog URL and not one in a totally different country you do not live in!

I think this is yet another reason to kiss Blogger goodbye and go looking for a new, more stable, less run by Google and therefore subject to being deaded at any time, like Google Reader, Feedburner, and a long list of other Google projects they bought and then killed off.. :( You simply cannot rely on Google long term. I recommend as a starting point. WordPress are all about blogging, and not about being all things to all people like Google are.

See previous new reads for OctoberSeptemberAugustJuly – Plus view my Blogroll here!


November New Feeds will be a little different – I am planning to add only blogs participating in NaBloPoMo to one new folder, and blogs not participating in NaBloPoMo will go into a separate folder – so there will be two separate November lists.

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14 thoughts on “New Feeds October

  1. Hello dear!
    Thank you for visiting my blog earlier and leaving such a warm, welcoming comment. It’s a wonderfully wise decision to start early and I can feel that we’re going to meet a lot of other interesting people, too. Welcome to the NaBloPoMo November 2014 and may the force be with you :)

  2. I am pleased to be among your additions. When we were in Amsterdam midyear the blog of a friend in London had her address amended to .nl for Netherlands. I expect that was because I looked at her blog when we were there. It still has the .nl appendage, but it really doesn’t seem to matter. They are tacked on address endings that don’t make any difference and are not part of the true url of the blog which always end in just .com

    Reading and interacting with WordPress bloggers is never as simple as with Blogspot bloggers.

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