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It has been a massive month of adding blogs to the feedreader. YAY!

I am trying to say hi via comments to all the blogs listed below – if I have not got to your blog yet my apologies. :)

If you have arrived here because your blog is linked below, you might want to read my thoughts for bloggers which was posted yesterday. You might find none of it applies to you, you might find a little nugget there to take away and use. :)

New Blogs In August –

You’ll notice a bit of a fashion blog trend this month. People, out there in the world there is quite a movement afoot of fashion bloggers and more specifically curvy fashion bloggers. The more of them I add to my feed reader, the more I feel a balance of the images I am seeing on a daily basis shift in the direction of reality – people who look more like me and the people around me – rather than 95% stick thin celebrities and models and 5% real people.

Two Lists –

I’ve separated the Australian Blogs into a different list from the international blogs. I may have sometimes got it wrong – this might be because the general location of where a blogger lives was not on the about page, nor was it evident in the posts, or it might be that I missed seeing it. As I said, a lot of reading was going on. :)

If you are on the wrong list, let me know in the comments for this post.

Why two lists? Generally to make the sorting things into folders at a later date easier.

All blogs added this month went into two separate folders in my feed reader – as you see –


Blogs I add in September – October – November – etc – will also go into two separate, new folders. After 6 months, I will go through the blogs in these folders and make a decision on whether I want to keep reading them long term, and then they will get added into my permanent folders – and added permanently to the blogroll here on Life In The Country. :)

Enough with the typing, here are the blogs!

New International Blogs August – 60

14 Shades Of Grey
Aislynn’s World
All Things Fatshion & Design
Animated Cardigan
Candi Apple Couture
Carly Blogs Here
Casually Styled
Classy Curves
Cloud 14+
Cudzoo Farm
Curves Become Her
Curvy Mod
Discourse Of A Divine Diva
Dressing these Curves
Ella Pretty
Entre Montreal Et New York
Erica Exposed
Everyone Should Sparkle
Fashion Fairy Dust
Fashionably Employed
Fat In The City
flight of the fat girl
Francophile At Large
Happiness at Mid-Life
In My Joi
It’s Mostly About Fashion
Just Biffi
Killer Kurves
l’essential e(s)t l’accessoire
Life by Nadine Lynn
Loop Looks
Loopier by the Minute
Margot Meanie
More Pieces Of Me
Mr Library Dude
Musings of a Curvy Lady
My Kitchen Escapades
nadia aboulhosn
Nine Thirty To Five
On The Daily Express
Pink Sole
Queen Sized Flava
Red Carpet Fashion Awards
Regally Soled
Savvy Southern Chic
Something Gold, Something Blue
Suits, Heels & Curves
The Everywhereist
Thick Fit and Fabulous
Ursa Major + – Blog
Very Rarely Stable
Vodka Infused Lemonade
Walking in Memphis in High Heels

New Australian Blogs August – 59

Accidental Encounters
All Cats are Grey At Night
Andi B. Goode
Awesomely Unprepared
Boob In A Box
Book To The Future
Budget Conscious Beauty Mumma
CC Bloom
Central Station
Claire K Creations
Cook Republic
Country Gypsies
Down To Earth
Frame Dame
Heike Herrling
How Can I Wear That?
hugo & elsa
Karen Cheng’s Fashion And Life
Katrina Chambers
Kiki & Tea
Laughing Galah
Life At My Level
Life In Australia – Bob In Oz
live. travel. blog.
Maid In Australia
Mamma’s Vida
Middle Aged Mama
My Own Story
Not A Ballerina
Raising Misters
Sea Of Ghosts
See You In A Porridge
Shauna Reid
She Who Rambles
Sonia Styling
Sparkles And Lace
Stuff From The Suburbs
Stuff With Thing
Stumble Down Under
Style and Shenanigans
Surviving Oz
That Space In Between
The Annoyed Thyroid
The Flying PHD
The Hungry Australian
The Life Of Clare
the little lioness
The Orgasmic Chef
The Sharpest Pencil
The Unlicensed Philosopher
Tune Into Radio Carly
yELLE Styling

Previously – New Feeds July

I fully expect next month to be a much smaller list. :)

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