November New Reads


There are 133 blogs listed below.. to those blogs I will like to say –

Welcome to my feedreader, bloggers!

During the past month I found your blog, and I liked your blog a lot. While there, I probably read back about 40+ posts or so. Then I added you to my feedreader.

Most of you will know what a feedreader is, but in case you do not, click here for info. The quick run down – it is an awesome program which collects new articles that bloggers post. So when you post something new, I get a copy, and if I have the time and something to say, I will click through and comment. If you want to get a feed reader, I highly recommend Inoreader, which I have been using a lot lately.

At the end of 6 months or so, if I am still loving your blog as much as I did when I added you to my feed reader, I will add you to my permanent blogroll. YAY!

Please Note –

WordPress has declared me a spammer due to my November commenting challenge, which really sucks. So I may have left you a comment but you cannot see it – it is in your spam bin. Here is how to check your spam bin, which you should do regularly in any case! :)


In your wordpress dashboard, click on Comments – this will open the comments screen.


See where it says spam – if there is a number there, you have comments waiting to be assessed by you, the blog author. You get to decide whether these comments are spam or not.


If you click on the box, you can then choose to delete permanently or declare these comments as not spam. Pretty please remove mine from the spam bin – the more people who do that, the less likely I will end up in there again.

Now, onto the list of new blogs added to the feedreader since 31 October –

NaBloPoMo Keepers

(mis)adventures of spindlerose
100 Days Of Sunshine
20/20 Hines Sight
A Horse and a Half
a little bit brave
A Little Bit Salty
A Short A Day
A Yankee in Rebel Clothes
Adventures in all things food
An Avoidant Woman
Art My Cat Makes
Autumn Eyes
Average Jane
Banana Wheels
Based On A True Story….
Becoming Angela
California Dreaming Squirrel
Carpool Goddess
Cluck Cluck Buzz
Collected Moments
could do worse
Cranium Crunches
Food Huntress
Forbidden Books
From Tracie
Gentle Soul Arts
Good Strong Words
Green Lizard’s Blog
Innerworkings of the Female Mind
Introspections of an Idealist
Journey To Health
Knitting on the Green
Leaves & Stitches
Leila’s Mixtape
Life in the Electron Orbital
Madges Hatbox
Making Love in Minnesota
Mandy Fish
Miss Wish
Monaresa Smiles
Monson Fonsons
Mostly True Stories of K. Renae P.
My Plus Size Year
Out and About in New York City
Preshus Me
ramblings from an insomniac
random truths
reverse ferret
Runes and Rhinestones
Sneakers & Sass
Sow, Sew, So
Sunny Corner Farm
Tea with the Cat
The Broken Spine
The Cheering Charm
The Fearless Scribe
The Foodie Army Wife
The Inbetween Is Mine
The Secret Diary of a Newly Diagnosed Diabetic
The Shape Of X
The Tomato Tart
The Variations Of Life And Lauren
The View from My Kayak
Through My Eyes
Twelve Two Two Fondue
Wandering Sheila
Wing and A Prayer Farm
You can’t make this sh*t up

Nano Poblano Crew –

Fish Of Gold
Nerd in the Brain
Not A Punk Rocker
Knocked over by a feather
Me – Who am I?
Silver Threading
Mindful Digressions
one life, recorded
Eclectic odds n sods
The Chatter Blog
Parenting a Teenage Tornado
Idiot Writing
Chasing Destino
The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally
Notes Tied On The Sagebrush
We Admitted We Were Powerless
Life In Progress
Love Marriage Worms
Wine and Beer Travels
Odds & Ends from Ermigal
mihran Kalaydjian
A Teenage (Poet’s) Life
Not Just Sassy on the Inside
Scribblings from the Bluegrass
Muddy Business
calliopes lyre
Breathing Space
Amusing Nonsense
that cynking feeling
Mental in the Midwest
On the Edge of Enlightenment
Drunk on Life
Blog Apocalypse
To Breathe is to Write
could do worse
Martha Keim-St. Louis’ blog
Apple Pie and Napalm
Crawford’s Creative Corner
The Cranky Giraffe
A Map of California
Just something I was thinking about . . .

Other November Finds –

About a Bugg
from the sticks to the bricks and back again
I Try: The Additive Property of Happiness
Styling My Curves
Floating Kitchen
Write Dorne – Putting life into words.

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