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An Important Notice –

I mentioned earlier this week that I was not adding any more partial feeds to my feed reader. If I followed you on Bloglovin or WordPress this month and your blog does not appear in the below list, serving up a partial feed is the reason why. Presently I am reading over 600 blogs, which is a LOT of blogs, and the frustration I feel when I see a partial feed post simply is not fun or enjoyable for me. If you switch back to a full feed, let me know and I will subscribe in my feed reader.

New blogs to the feed reader since 30 September –

A New Beginning..
A note on a rainy night
A view to the Fells
Allowing Myself
Avoiding Atrophy
Bloved Boston
Beauty Affair
Books Speak Volumes
Casually Somewhere
chanel no. five
Chronic Pain Cockney
Coffee, Makes Everything Better
Countryside Tales
Cuaderno Inedito
Grits in the City
Healthy Delicious
Hillary Chybinski
Iliska Dreams
Ilse Daniëlle
Jack’s Paper Moon
Just-In-Time Travels
Leah XL
Linda Letters
Lisa Meilgaard
Lisa the Vegetarian
Lolly Likes
Love Leah X
Lux Life
Maple Hill 101
Mary Denman
Meanwhile in the Country
Misadventures with Andi
Monica Mariz
Ms Sparrow
Pantry Revisited
Paper coffee store
Plane Girl
Reef Botanicals
Sarah Gina-Maria Reiter
Searching for Spice
Simply Healthy Family
Susan K Mann
Sweet Sassafras
That Short Blogger
The Cat On My Head
The Lego Farmer
The Wilsons in Dublin
Vintage Bird Girl
Voyage of the MeeMee
Water Painted Dreams
Wear and Tear
Zinc Moon

Welcome to my feedreader, bloggers.

There are 66 of you. In my internet travels I found my way to your blog, often because I read a blogger who linked to you. I liked your blog a lot. While there, I probably read back about 40+ posts or so. Then I added you to my feedreader.

Most of you will know what a feedreader is, but in case you do not, click here for info. The quick run down – it is an awesome program which collects new articles that bloggers post. So when you post something new, I get a copy, and if I have the time and something to say, I will click through and comment.

If you want to get a feed reader, I highly recommend Inoreader, which I have been using a lot lately. I wrote this post – how to get started with Inoreader.

At the end of 6 months or so, if I am still loving your blog as much as I did when I added you to my feed reader, I will add you to my permanent blogroll. YAY!

April New Feed Review –

And it has now been six months since April, so this month I have gone through the review process and the blogs which I am keeping are these –

Art Peace
Badfish Out of Water
Blog Apocalypse
Bubbles in my Head
Clients From Hell
Elephant’s Child
Eye on the Edge
Good Woman
it just Dawned on me . . .
Klar Himmel – Clear Skies – Carpe Noctem
Life at Number Five
Patti Dawn Swanson
Random Musings And Wanderlust
Rants from Mommyland
Snippets & Snapshots
That’s so pants
The Other Side of Sixty
The Plastic Mancunian
The Second Half of My Life
The Siberian American
Welcome to my World
You Gotta Start Somewhere

This may be a new record, with a huge 10 bloggers from the above list jumping directly into my Favourites folders. I’m loving your work!

Why did I unsubscribe from 11 blogs? The reasons are as follows listed in no particular order – taken from my blog posts 14 Reasons and 10 New Reasons I unsubscribed from blogs.

PARTIAL FEEDS, too many photos, they went quiet, they are a wanna-be, I’m not feeling it.

Is your blog not listed here but you would like it to be? Email Snoskred via the contact page and Snoskred will add your blog to her feed reader. :)

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Update – I have created a brand new Inoreader Bundle with all the current blogs I have in the feed reader, and I have added an RSS feed to the sidebar which will – eventually – show the latest 20 posts.. :) right now it is showing the posts as they were put into Inoreader instead of most recent.

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  1. Do you have any particular blogs that you would recommend for me? I’m looking to read more, but not sure which ones would be my style. :) I’m a slice of life blogger, rarely informational or profound; I just write about my somewhat boring life.

    • I was thinking that I should try and categorise the blogroll at some point. :) I think the easiest would be for me to re-do my Inoreader with the current blogroll plus all the new reads for the past 6 months and send you the link for that, then you can browse through the posts and see if anything takes your fancy. :) Give me a couple of hours.. ;)

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