New Feeds November

New blogs to the feed reader since October 31 –

Bee Haven Acres
Eight Acres
floral typings
Framboise Manor
Frugal In Derbyshire
Global Roaming Blog
Henny Penny Lane
I’m Switching Sides
Infinite belly
Love, Jay
Our Happy Acres
Pastimes, Passions & Paraphernalia
Steph’s Green Space
Sunnybrook Farm
Two men and a little farm

Welcome to my feedreader, bloggers.

There are 21 of you. In my internet travels I found my way to your blog, often because I read a blogger who linked to you. I liked your blog a lot. While there, I probably read back about 40+ posts or so. Then I added you to my feedreader.

Most of you will know what a feedreader is, but in case you do not, click here for info. The quick run down – it is an awesome program which collects new articles that bloggers post. So when you post something new, I get a copy, and if I have the time and something to say, I will click through and comment.

If you want to get a feed reader, I highly recommend Inoreader, which I have been using a lot lately. I wrote this post – how to get started with Inoreader.

At the end of 6 months or so, if I am still loving your blog as much as I did when I added you to my feed reader, I will add you to my permanent blogroll. YAY!

A Note For Bloglovin’ People

Did I follow you this month on Bloglovin however you do not see your blog listed here? That means you followed me, I followed you back, but I did not add you to my feed reader. It is probably not you, it is me. :)

If it *is* you, it might be one of the following things – you use a partial feed – your rss feed did not work or was not found – I did not love your content – your blog was not interesting to me – you use too many photos and/or gifs – your blog is written in a language I do not understand – too many sponsored posts or affiliate links. You can always contact me and ask why.

May New Feed Review –

And it has now been six months since May, so this month I have gone through the review process and the blogs which I am keeping are these –

A gluttonous wife
A Year In My Garden
Almost Posh
An Exacting Life
Breathing Space
Happy Retiree’s Kitchen
Knocked Over By A Feather
Laws of the Kitchen
Lucy eats
Sixth In Line
The Muffin Queen’s Closet
The Weekend Foodie

Why did I unsubscribe from 12 of the 24 blogs? The reasons are as follows listed in no particular order – taken from my blog posts 14 Reasons and 10 New Reasons I unsubscribed from blogs.

Blogs with a partial feed– I’m Not Feeling It – Where Are You? – The Content Went AWOL – and I have to add a new one – 404 not found – their blog just disappeared – this happened to two blogs on the list this month!

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