Sunday Selections Week 48


Christmas at Domayne can be very sparkly!


It can also be somewhat costly. This Christmas Deer was $34.95.


I really love the whole look, the white tree, the gold sequin balls, the sparkly pastel teal leaves.


The deer jars were quite awesome. The small teal feather wreaths would be awesome on my front door. In fact my Mother who strongly dislikes Christmas almost bought one.


Who would not love a sparkly deer?


These peacock feather Swarovski crystal tree ornaments are stunning!

It is worth remembering, this time next month, Christmas will be over for another year. :) Are you looking forward to Christmas? Got any big plans?

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21 thoughts on “Sunday Selections Week 48

    • Unfortunately I did not take note of the deer pricing and they are not on the website. ;) I have a suspicion they were $14.95 but I could be wrong. I might head to the nearest Domayne once Christmas is over and see what bargains I can pick up! ;)

  1. I love the peacock ornaments! However, I do an eclectic tree with my kids’ ornaments, some of them handmade when they were younger. It isn’t the most beautiful, but it is meaningful. I don’t look forward to Christmas much–too much gift giving stress and too many expectations. It will be great to have both my girls home though. I look forward to that!

    • It will be awesome for your girls to be home, Margaret. :) I don’t look forward to Christmas because all I hear is a lot of whinging and grinchyness from my family who do not enjoy it, which means I do not get to enjoy it. But we always have seafood for lunch and I look forward to that.. ;)

      • I still enjoy what I can, which is the music, the baking, the game playing and chats, the happy hours,etc. These days I try to keep a positive attitude in spite of the sad anniversaries of the holidays.

      • Margaret – it is much better to do that instead of what my Mother does, which is Grumpy Christmas Grinch who hates Christmas, every year for the past 27 years or so! :)

  2. I like the sparkly deer, but not the white tree. I’m a traditional red, green, gold girl. with a bit of silver thrown in. There won’t be a tree this year though, just ornaments hung up high where Angel can’t get to them. Got my first Christmas Eve dinner invitation this morning.

    • I have a couple of light up LED trees which I got from Kmart, they are plastic but when lit up they look kinda like crystal. I think they were $2.50 each. The batteries are lasting longer than I expected. :) There will be no trees here, other than those ones.

  3. My daughter has a thing about garden centres which have enormous trees on display and decorate the whole thing with very expensive individual baubles! I did buy a snow covered red telephone box decoration in the local supermarket for £2 last week and saw the same one in the garden centre yesterday for £3.99. You need to shop around sometimes!

    • Our local garden place either does not do Christmas stuff, or they are like my partner who believes December 1st is the day decorations can go up. I went to our local garden centre yesterday looking for Portulaca – Mexican Doll this weekend and someone has bought them all, the garden shops do not have any! In my travels I did see a very fascinating plant called Strawberries and Cream but at $22 I said no to it. I’ll hunt for Mexican Doll again next weekend, perhaps on Friday before everyone goes weekend plant shopping. Maybe they will have some decorations up then. :)

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