Sunday Selections Week 43


Here are some photos from our Canberra day trip. First up a bit of a photo fail – it may be out of focus and difficult to make out, but that is a reflection of my sparkly watch in the window as we were driving home in the afternoon.


These pineapple bookends would be an awesome addition to my collection, however they were Up Money at $199. A lot of things in this particular store are Up Money.


Like this glittery skull for $179. The photo does not give you an idea of the size – we are talking large bowling ball size here. I think I could probably recreate this with papier mache and glitter for considerably less $$.


This “diamante” skull was more reasonable at just under $35. It was still fairly large, probably just slightly larger than a real human skull would be. They also had a skull shaped liquid soap dispenser which I exclaimed out loud when I saw it, much to the amusement of a nearby staff member, which made me shy about taking a photo of it. I wish I had, in fact I wish I had bought it!


This copper toucan would be amazing on my candle shelf. Now that I know how candle light reflects from these kinds of items, I have to refrain from buying All The Things That Look Like This. Copper, Gold, Silver, Bronze, these things are my Kryptonite. After all, my candle shelf is now completely packed with items, there is no room for anything more!


Christmas at this store is also very beautiful. A few years ago they had a white feather Christmas tree which retailed for just under $900. It was a thing of great beauty. Well, it would want to be for that kind of money!

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Weekly Wrap Up –


Happy Moments for our Grumpy. Friday morning she was returned to the vet for another eye check up. Her eye is almost healed. She will receive eye cream for another week, then nothing more.

A not quite so happy moment – on the way there, The Other Half said to me he seemed to have lost the power steering. It turns out the return hose has a crack in it, so that will be difficult to fix. We’ll have to share the Polo until it is fixed.

Television Update –

You may recall that The Other Half and I watched Mr Robot together a few months ago and we decided we wanted to keep watching something together.. After the first season finished, we chose 24 which we had never seen before.

This turned out to be a terrible mistake. Maybe 7-8 episodes in, we personally wanted to strangle 99% of the characters ourselves, and we would be screaming at the teevee – usually TELL HER or TELL HIM, because the characters on that show had a – wonderful for storylines but terrible for actual people – habit of keeping stuff to themselves!

We gave up at the end of the first season, and I suggested that we try watching Breaking Bad, which The Other Half has not seen. We are 7 episodes in and he is enjoying it thus far, plus it is wonderful to *finally* watch it together.

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14 thoughts on “Sunday Selections Week 43

  1. “my candle shelf is completely packed with items, there is no room for anything more!”
    Solution: start another shelf.
    I love looking through those ‘up money’ stores, imagining what I’d buy if I could.

    • The add another shelf solution has been discussed, I am just not sure how to implement it. That particular space is the only one in the house that the cats cannot climb up to, which is why it became the candle shelf. :)

    • Twas Domayne – I think Canberra has quite a few of them, because they are Up Money stores. Our closest one is at Warrawong but it is a lot smaller than this one at Fyshwick. We also went to Canberra Outlet Centre and to Costco twice. We would have gone to Ikea but there were 34 days until it opened. :)

    • They had a lot of reasonably priced stuff mixed in with the expensive stuff – I bought two tealight candle holders for $5.95 each. And they had the most beautiful glass ice cream sundae or prawn cocktail bowls, in my favourite cobalt blue and lots of other great colours. I am a bit of a sucker for coloured glass of any kind. :)

    • You are quite right of course.. :) If it was not of great beauty there is no way I would spend as much as $9 on it, let alone $900. It is unlikely I would spend $900 on a Christmas Tree. I would guess you really have to love Christmas to do that.. :) Heck my people are so anti Christmas around here, I can’t even get a bauble, door wreath or a table decoration. I have to fight for Christmas Crackers!

      Just one year I would love to have an actual proper Christmas. :)

  2. I don’t think I’ve heard the expression “up money” before, but it’s such a great phrase! I am really confused by how that glittery skull could cost that much and also would have immediately thought of ways I could just DIY it!

    • That phrase originated with my Uncle. He had brought a potential Chinese wife out here to Australia for a visit, and she wanted to buy some Macadamia Nuts. He told her they were “Up Money” and to settle for cheaper nuts instead. She dumped him not long after they returned to China, it is unknown if “Up Money” is why.. I would think it was because he expected her to empty his ashtrays constantly and generally wait on him. If I had been there, I would have bought her the macadamia nuts! ;)

    • Hey Marieken, thanks for dropping by my place! The toucan was under $30 if I remember correctly. :) Sometimes in that store, the things that look expensive are less $$ than the things that look cheap. :)

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