Snoskred Snacks #4


As mentioned in Snoskred Snacks 3, this time we are going to put something else on top of the tomatoes. What could it be?


Aldi have this Smoked Salmon for $6.99 for a 200g packet. In most other supermarkets, you’d get 50g for that kind of money. 200g is usually $10 or more, though on occasion you can find it on special for slightly more than you pay for this Aldi version. I’ve tried all the versions and the Aldi one is excellent.


I’ve made this snack on toast with the tomatoes grilled before in winter, and I quite like that as an occasional snack. However you cannot toast a rice cake, because bad things will happen. At least, it says so on the packet and I have no intentions of testing this out, thanks to That Terrifying Incident With A Fruit Muffin Where I Took Out All Phones And Computers In The Call Centre, For Two Hours In The Middle Of A Work Day, Thus Rendering The Call Centre Completely Inoperable.

I do not recommend this as a daily snack, but once in a while the smoked salmon is a lovely change from the ham.

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4 thoughts on “Snoskred Snacks #4

  1. Hmmm that sounds good, but I’m not sure about tomatoes and salmon. I know salmon and cream cheese is an awesome combo (lox and bagels anyone? :))

    Since I’ve finally found thin rice crisps I may give this a go once ;)

  2. Smoked salmon is extremely popular, I know this because so much of it got scanned though my checkout. So I decided to try it for myself the next time it was on special. i guess it’s one of those tastes you have to grow up with, because I discovered I didn’t like it. I might have liked a different brand but never did try it again.

    • Some kinds of smoked salmon can be quite fishy, in my experience. I never ate it as a kid at all, I grew to love it in my twenties. It is not something I would have every week or fortnight, once a month is probably my limit. :)

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