Snoskred Snacks #7


It is now time to pay full respect to one snack I ate a lot this past couple of months. The very humble cream cheese, egg, tomato, ham, salt and pepper snack. There was a two week streak of this snack after my Avocado Incident. So how do we make this?


First, a layer of cream cheese, then the eggs. Do you see all those double yolkers there? My two Manning Valley eggs both were double yolkers on this day. The Other Half said I should buy a lotto ticket. :)


I like to salt and pepper them up good.


Then layer on the tomato. Sometimes I get huge beefsteak tomatoes where you only need one slice, sometimes the tomatoes are smaller and I have to get creative like I did here. You definitely want to try and get all the egg covered, to preserve the rice cracker-cream cheese-egg-tomato-ham ratio. :)


If I am feeling low on salt, I usually add some salt to the top of the tomatoes. I have low blood pressure and have been advised to make sure I get *enough* salt, VS The Other Half who has high blood pressure and has been advised to cut down his salt intake. Finally add your ham, and you are done-ski!

There is something about this snack, these simple flavours put together really sing. You do need to be a little careful because the tomato can sometimes get a little drippy.


The best part about this snack – any leftover tomato or egg is taken out to the chooks. Chooks do like eating egg, this may come as a surprise to some of you. But even more than that, a couple of my girls really love tomato, one in particular deeply loves tomato seeds.

On a chook level, there is a hierarchy of snacks. My girls love blueberries the most at the moment – any hint of blueberries and they all run up to me trumpeting. Watermelon and strawberries are next, then tomato, then egg, then cauliflower leaves or any kind of greens. If you give them an actual cauliflower they will peck it into an Alien Landform. They do not get sweet corn in summer because it raises their body temperature – that is their favourite winter snack.

On a human level, this lunch snack is one of my all time favourites and in general will be made every second day.

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15 thoughts on “Snoskred Snacks #7

  1. I don’t snack, but my favourite summer lunch is plain rye bread with a slice of cheese topped with herrings in tomato sauce. i used to buy the King Oscar brand, but it hasn’t been available for a few years now, so I’m buying the John West brand.

    • River: these are my daily lunches, I’m calling them snacks cos it kinda sounds like Scooby Snacks, Snoskred Snacks. :) Next time I have a non rice cracker thing, which will be quite different!

  2. Minus the ham, that looks like a pretty damn good snack! One of my favorite snacks is the yolk from a hard-boiled egg spread on toast. I grew up watching my mom eat it for breakfast and have since taken to eating it myself. :)

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