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All of my “snacks” that I have posted are lunches I regularly eat. Those snacks take time to put together – especially if one has to boil the eggs first. I have got into the habit of boiling eggs regularly at night so I have them ready to peel for the next day.

There are some days when I just feel like nibbling on stuff for lunch. So this is what I normally put together when that happens, though I might swap out one of the items for something else – eg pickled onions for olives, or apple for carrot sticks. I might add some hummus or spicy capsicum dip to eat with the crackers. I might swap the vintage cheddar for feta.


I want to tell you about these wafer crackers. I like them best of any cracker type biscuit I have tried – most of the others I find to be too floury for my taste. The wafer crackers are super crunchy and not floury at all. I love the ones with cracked pepper in them – that way I don’t have to add any seasoning at all. You can get plain ones as well. Here is the nutritional info –


The pickled onions are a little high in sodium – for me that is not an issue, because I have low blood pressure and have been instructed to keep my salt intake at a decent level. If I were watching my sodium I would do some reading of jars and try to find an option with less sodium. I like the Fehlberg ones better than any of the other pickled onions I have tried, and Aldi had a 1kg jar of them for a very low price so I grabbed one – I wish I had grabbed a couple! ;)

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Snoskred Snacks

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  1. I haven’t eaten pickled onions in years. I used to put them in sandwiches with cheese and tomato, then one day, I don’t know when, I didn’t even buy them anymore. I prefer gherkins anyway, so that’s okay. I slice my apples thinly too.

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