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Following on from last week, we are still on our walk from Huskisson to Vincentia. Last time, we were looking down a path to the beach – here is what you will find at the end of that path.


This is where the kite boarders do their thing, if the wind is playing rough.


Remember last week I mentioned the circle house? In between the circle house and another fancy looking house, this tiny shack exists. This poor house must feel quite shabby in between the two modern masterpieces!


Here is another modern masterpiece that I like the look of. No idea whether it belongs to someone or if it is a beach rental type place. I love the wood stairs that seem suspended in space.


Sometimes when you are looking the other way – towards the sea – you will get a surprise! This is the HMAS Canberra. I don’t know a lot about ships in general but this one made a big splash here last year when she first visited Jervis Bay, and she is quite recognisable with that big flight deck.


Here is another view of her.


This is a slightly less scary beach path. I followed a lizard up this path recently. On the day I took this photo, a small sparrow was dustbathing in the sand here.


These next 3 photos were taken yesterday, on the Australia Day long weekend.


You can see that even when there are a lot of tourists in town, you can still find your own place on the beach.


Will I ever get tired of walking here? Probably not. There is always plenty to distract you from the fact that you are exercising. :)

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Selections @Snoskred 4

    • I do think it is hilarious our main navy base is in Canberra, which is about 2 hours drive inland from here. ;) Jervis Bay is probably the closest base to the main base which is actually on the water.

  1. I love walking along beaches. I was doing it here for a few weeks, but now it’s too hot to be out there that long. The ocean breezes are lovely, but waiting around at bus stops to get there and back is too much for me in the heat.
    I like that little shack, but I love the circle house. Imagine the views as you ate breakfast on the top floor there.

    • The circle house has incredible views. Oddly, they have curtains all the way around, and it is quite rare to see them open. Me personally if I had a view like that, bugger the curtains, I would have tinted with that mirror tint so nobody could see in, and enjoy the view all day!

    • SSG – The only plan here is to stay home and avoid the tourists.. I went somewhere today and I was nearly crashed into 8 times. All roundabout related – it seems like everyone has forgotten how to use them! ;/

  2. I love those South Coast beaches – sand so white it is blinding and so soft it squeaks underfoot. And I love that little original beach house, a little bit defiant and a whole lot original

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