Sunday Selections @Snoskred 6


It is garden week, lets check in on the Portulacas!


The above shot was taken at the start of January – the seedlings had found their feet and begun to flower.


Here is one a week or so later. These plants have been flowering up a storm!


When I bought seedling Portulacas before Christmas, I put a few into a pot for my parents as their Christmas present.

My break is going super well, and I’m going to extend it another week. I’m really boring at the moment, just focused in on diet and exercise, and probably you don’t want to read about that. You might get a Fitbit post later this week, if I can manage it. :)

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Selections @Snoskred 6

  1. They’re looking so lovely! I forgot to plant my seeds, it may be too late now, but I have two packets, so I’ll plant one later today and see what happens with them. I’ll plant the rest in the late spring, after the woolly bear caterpillars have gone.

  2. Portulaca is looking good. Mother seems to have forgotten them and pots up so many petunias every year. Maybe I will suggest to her for next summer to pot up some portulaca.

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