Snoskred Snacks #8


Thus far on Snoskred Snacks, we have exclusively used rice crackers. I was looking for a lower sodium option to replace bread on some occasions for The Other Half and we have been trying out some different wraps recently. I found one that I really like for myself, and I found a super low sodium one by Mountain Bread which The Other Half quite likes.


Today, I will tell you the story of my ham, egg, cream cheese and tomato wrap with salt and pepper. So first you add cream cheese, then layer on some ham. Here you see I have begun the next step which is adding eggs – yet another double yolker from Manning Valley!


I added in an egg from our girls as well, and salt and pepper.


The final step – layer on the tomato. I like to fold in the sides and then flip up the bottom. These stayed together pretty well, there was no dripping and no splitting. Happy moments! I have also used these wraps for home made tacos – we’re off the store bought packets as they have way too much sodium.


I used the Wattle Valley wholegrain soft wraps which are available at Aldi and Coles for these wraps, here is what the packet looks like. These wholegrain wraps are super delicious and I will be stocking up on them.


The other wraps I mentioned by Mountain Bread are square, so a little bit more convenient for wrapping in some ways. I can make them into a square sandwich, for The Other Half whose one complaint about moving away from bread was inconvenience..


I gave them a try too – here is an egg, ham, avocado and cream cheese snack in the square Wheat mountain bread.


To me, the most important function of any kind of wrap is staying together. So for me this wrap was a bit of an epic fail.


While the splits don’t matter so much with sandwiches for The Other Half who only likes to eat ham, cheese, egg and lettuce, it does matter a lot more when you are putting things that tend to drip – like tomato – into a wrap. I’ll try a few more of the Mountain Bread varieties to see if any of them are a bit more reliable, wrap wise. I do like that they have so few ingredients.

We’ve now had 8 fortnightly installments of Snoskred Snacks – this is the final one for 2015. This feature will return in 2016 though it will be less often, perhaps just once a month. I do still have some snacks which have not yet made an appearance here.

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4 thoughts on “Snoskred Snacks #8

  1. You’re the only person I know who folds up the bottom last. Everyone I know folds it first, or second after one side is wrapped. Makes no difference of course, the main thing is the fillings are contained.
    I hate drippy tomatoes. I cut them in half and scrape out all the seeds and juice, then thinly slice what’s left.

  2. Love Wattle Valley stuff and I haven’t spotted their wraps in Aldi so will be looking out for them
    Must be great having eggs from your own chooks, would like to have a couple in our backyard but worry about my three dogs’ (dog’s?) reaction. I’m with Margaret – just luurve anything with avo involved. I’m vego so apart from the ham this wrap looks great!

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