Collect Egg Cartons, She Said


A few years ago a lady at work sent out an email asking for people to collect egg cartons. For what reason I cannot recall. It might have been for a kids arts and craft thing, or because she had chickens, to build a space craft, for soundproofing.. I have no recollection of the reason now. But the request stuck in my mind, and collect egg cartons I did. Visitors to the house have commented on the large amount of egg cartons residing here.


I remember taking in a stack of them in to the requester a couple of times, then I forgot all about the taking and just kept on with the collecting. Standing there in the kitchen this morning, I realised.. it has been exactly one year and six months since I was last at my place of work. I’m not going back. These egg cartons are never being given to that person again. What the heck am I still collecting them for? Are they just collecting dust up there?


Yes, they were collecting dust up there. I wiped the dust off before stacking them into a pile. I counted. There were 36 of them. 35 of them belong to Manning Valley Eggs. I am a loyal consumer. I have my reasons, they are extremely great eggs, nearly as good as our own girls.

Letting these collected egg cartons go was a brilliant feeling. :) Kthxbai!

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6 thoughts on “Collect Egg Cartons, She Said

  1. Being a recovering hoarder I can attest to the great feeling letting some clutter go! :) I even managed to clear a corner of my lounge much to my beloved’s delight. He woke up to a surprise and rushed in to say how wonderful it was. :) I use Manning Valley’s eggs too. :)

  2. I collected egg cartons when the kids were very young. They went to Kindy as egg cartons and came home as cars, caterpillars, glittery Christmas ornaments and so on. once the youngest was out of infant school, I went back to putting them in the recycling binat the shop. I think from there they went to various Kindergatens.

  3. Oh, lord! This is something my mother would do. Be very careful… She once started collecting paper towel tubes for an art teacher friend. Eight years ago, she was in hospital and I was cleaning her house. One entire closet was filled with paper grocery bags overflowing with paper towel tubes. I’m glad you confessed your sins before you got beyond three dozen.

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