Snoskred Snacks #2


Last month I told you about my Egg and Ham snack. In mid-August there came a time where I ran out of eggs. Bizarre a concept as that may be when one owns chickens, the fact remains that I had eaten too many eggs for most humans in just over a week. I was still craving them, and it was another week before the grocery shop. I decided it was time to lighten things up a little.

In the fridge, I had some strawberries. And thus, my new snack craze was born. Thin rice cakes topped with cream cheese and strawberries.


On this occasion the strawberries were super tart, so I added a sprinkling of sugar – the sugar meets the surface of the strawberries and turns into a sweet syrup.

There is cream cheese underneath, but if you didn’t like that, you could maybe give nutella a whirl. :)


So let us take a moment to talk about rice cakes. I like the ones from Aldi.


You get somewhere between 25-30 rice cakes in the pack. Sometimes you get a super almost too thin one – those ones I like to save for snacks with less topping or just put hommus on them and fold them in half to make a sandwich type thing.. :)


Me personally I get somewhere between 6-10 servings out of each packet. Sometimes when I am not so hungry I will just make 2 – that usually happens when I am having strawberries on them as a dessert.

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Snoskred Snacks

14 thoughts on “Snoskred Snacks #2

    • Thick ones, I’d be with you. I don’t love the thick rice cakes. But the thin ones, I actually prefer them to potato chips now. They have a great crunch factor. I think I have eaten them for lunch for over a month now, with the occasional skip for other things, and I still keep going back for more. :)

  1. Cream cheese with strawberries – sounds interesting. I will often have cc with cucumber or tomato on rice or corn cakes however strawberries would be different. Will wait a little while longer for the season to get going and give it a go. Thanks for the suggestion

    • It has been brilliant with all the strawberries on sale at the moment. I’ve had this snack a lot just lately. I also did cucumber this week. :) But now it has gone so cold here, I’m looking for a hot lunch again!

  2. PS in reference to your ice balls post, have you checked stores such as House or other kitchenware stores? If they don’t have the ice balls trays, they’ll surely have the silicone Cake Pops trays and you can make larger ice balls in those.

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