Snoskred Snacks #6


And now for something completely different, and a little bit posh. I’m going to talk about taking a dinner item and saving it for the next days snack, but in order to do this I need to tell you about the dinner, and a little trick my Chinese Aunt taught me involving prawns/shrimp. Be warned, you are about to see some uncooked shrimp here!


So I took my Chinese Aunt and my Uncle to the fish shop a few weeks back when their car had been shipped to Adelaide and they needed to go shopping. They had some uncooked prawns that were from Australia which had their shells. They had uncooked prawns completely shelled and de-veined which were from China. They were the exact same price.


I said get the Chinese ones – less work for the same money. My uncle was adamant that the Australian ones must be purchased. I said “That’s perfectly fine for you to say, but you won’t be the one doing the work, will you?” Of course he did not. But I am grateful he insisted purely because of the trick she taught me – you use scissors! Here is an internet tutorial. (note – next time I won’t cut off the tail tips – I was doing it exactly how she did it which is slightly different from the tutorial)


So after they moved to Adelaide and I had a prawn craving, I picked up half a kilo of large Aussie green prawns, having dishwashed my scissors beforehand so they were spotlessly clean, and I got to work. After they were shelled, de-veined and rinsed, I marinated them in some lemon and lime juice. I did the same with some chicken for The Other Half, then they all went for a quick dip into the salt and pepper seasoning.


The pack seen above comes from Aldi – they have a Caesar one which we’ve had before and loved. This was our first time with the lime chili pack. We would definitely have this again – they do a Peri Peri and I think kebab? pack as well which we will be trying eventually. However the Caesar one is our favourite thus far.


After the marinade and the salt and pepper seasoning, the prawns and then the chicken were cooked in a frypan. I cut up and washed some Cos lettuce, added some cheese, and dinner was served. I could have added tomato and avocado to these for myself however I am the only one who eats those things so I generally save them for lunches. This was pretty quick and easy. I had both chicken and prawns, and I saved some prawns for my lunch the next day. Here they are.


And here is the lunch – I must say this happened during my two week no avocado time. I would highly recommend using sliced avocado as the base for this snack. That is what I wanted to do, however, tomato it was.


These prawns were super large so I only made 2 snacks this day. They were delicious! I will be trying this again with avocado soon.

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6 thoughts on “Snoskred Snacks #6

    • I think it might be Australian Aldis only but sometimes I have seen comparable products appear internationally, keep an eye out, these may appear to you as a surprise one day.. :) Thanks for dropping by my place! ;)

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t know about the scissors trick, I thought everyone knew. We use scissors for just about everything. Need a chicken portioned? Cut it with scissors. Can’t find/don’t have a pizza cutter? Cut it with scissors. Just not the same pair you just cut raw chicken with…..(*~*)

    • I have lived on this earth for 40 years without the scissors trick.. :/ I think maybe we should do a post with tricks we use regularly just in case other people are not aware of them! ;)

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