Sunday Selections Week 47


Today I am sharing some Adelaide Zoo pics from 2004 with you. First up, some lion cubs.


Look Mum, here are all my toes!


When the lion cubs were getting a lot of attention, Amani the other female lion took to tree climbing around feeding time, drawing a huge crowd to her and away from the cubs.


People loved to watch her..


We used to love going to the zoo every weekend, but we now live too far away from any of the zoos for regular visits.


If you live anywhere near Adelaide Zoo, you might want to check out their memberships, starting from $43 for kids, $68.50 for pensioners/concession, and $99.90 for adults – plus a $25 joining fee per family.

The benefits of membership are huge – the biggest one being – you can visit both Adelaide and Monarto zoos 365 days a year for free you want, plus you can visit the zoos in Melbourne, Werribee, Healesville, Taronga, Dubbo, Perth for free. If you are planning a trip to Sydney, a single visit can be over $50 now.

Melbourne Zoo and Sydney Taronga Zoo both have memberships available with the same benefits – Sydney is a little pricey.

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If you are looking for a rock version of Hello by Adele, look no further. Lukas Rossi has you covered. You might remember him from Rockstar Supernova.

Bread Tags


I had no idea these were not a worldwide phenomenon, until I read this post by Kathy G.

Speaking Of Baking


It has been a hot week here in Snoskredland. Daytime temperatures have hovered somewhere between 30-45C (86-113F) so there has been plenty of ice making going on inside, and ice melting going on in the chook pen. I’m using the ice spheres and the large square ice cubes. I’m also keeping water cold in the fridge to go into the chook pen. When the water is cold and a couple of ice spheres are used, even in the big heat of the day the ice lasts a good couple of hours.


The frozen water bottle in the chook water was an experiment – I was not sure how that would go. I used water out of the tap – it was cool but not cold – and placed the frozen water bottle in it. Within a few minutes the water began to get cold. I went back to check on it an hour later and found the water was icy cold and the water inside the bottle was back to water, so I put it back in the freezer for use another day.

On super hot days I do not let the chooks out of the pen until the major heat of the day has passed – somewhere around 3-4pm – because left in the pen, they will spend more time dustbathing which is something that cools them down. When I let them out, they eat the grass, chase bugs, look for interesting things to eat, and run back and forth in the sun. These are not behaviours that keep the temperature down.

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17 thoughts on “Sunday Selections Week 47

  1. Really good lion photos. There is always a reason I can never get good lion photos. Interesting about the bread ties and tags. I wonder if there is an Australian standard. It must be hard for the staff to learn so many colours for different brands.

  2. Love the lion cubs, the mama looks like the same lady I photographed in December 2013, but I just checked and my lady had a black nose, yours has pink. Do the nose colours change as they get older? There’s a nine year difference between our photos.
    I’ve thought about Zoo membership, but haven’t managed to put aside money for that just yet. I will eventually.
    Interesting about the colour code for twist ties on bread, there is a similar code here even with the dated tags, the bread has different coloured tags on different days. I always keep a couple of spare tags in case one breaks when I take it off, I have a blue and a red one in the drawer and I’ve had yellow and white ones too.
    My daughter’s chickens used to love running under the hose on hot days, she would sprinkle them gently just once or twice. I remember my mum cooling down the budgies with a gentle spray from a spray bottle, just a quick squirt or two.

    • River – I’m not sure if those lions are still about – they were 4 years old or so when these photos were taken. I know the daddy lion of those cubs died a few years ago. Zoo membership is such an amazing deal and they have some great volunteer programs at Adelaide Zoo – the zoo watch program meant we got to spend the night overnight in the zoo watching a new animal, and we loved the training to become a volunteer zoo guide and quite enjoyed guiding there. ;) Plus there are often member only special events which are worth the price of membership on their own.

      I might try the spray bottle thing on the next hot day, especially on one of our girls who is struggling a little on warm days. :)

  3. LOVE the lions. How far away from Mogo Zoo are you? Their white lions won my heart. And some of them have come to live in our local zoo here.
    I didn’t know bread tags weren’t univeral either. I use them for lots of things, including finding the end of sticky tape.

    • Elephant’s Child – We’re about an hour and a half or so from Mogo depending on traffic. We’ve been there a few times and really enjoyed it. I love that they have such a large collection of big cats. :) They have some great snakes there as well! I must add a visit to our to-do list though over the next few weeks with the holiday season traffic will be Not Great on the weekends plus The Other Half is super busy at work and can’t take a weekday off. Maybe in 2016.. :)

      Your zoo in Canberra is pretty fantastic, we had an amazing day there doing the Zooventure tour – a brown bear licked weetbix mixed with honey from my hand, it was amazing.. :)

  4. There’s no bread tags here in the UK! Shop bought bread is simply secured by red tape which has the date on so you have to rummage through to find the one with the latest date on it which can vary by a couple of days. When I went to buy a loaf on Monday (16th) the first one I picked up had the 18th on it and after a rummage the one at the back had the 21st!

    • Bettyl-NZ – the best part of the membership if you have kids is, you can just pop in for 30 minutes or an hour if you feel so inclined, and it is not a big huge waste of $$. We used to drop in for an hour at the end of the day, or drop in for an hour early.. :)

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