10 thoughts on “Pillow Time

    • Absolutely they are, but only when the red laser dot appears. I have to take some video of it and share it here, because there are these floor mats they nose dive onto and then travel across the floor on.. it is just hilarious. Of course, I will have a lot of trouble filming this because I will be laughing way too hard! :)

  1. Oy! get your claws off the couch! That’s what I’d be saying, heh. Lovely cats. My Angel doesn’t chase the red dot, he’s more interested in the pen it comes from.

    • Mine absolutely go loopy for the red dot, River. The one we are using at the moment is also a torch and it has 3 clicks before the red dot appears, as soon as they hear the first click they are prepared to swarm and attack! :)

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