Where My Kibble At?

This grumpy land shark is staring at me.

I suppose it is better than the land shark circling on the bed that we get in the mornings and way better than land shark biting! ;)

This face regularly appears towards the end of the afternoon here. The kitties get a small tuna feed in the morning which is why they circle us on the bed. If we were made of tuna, I expect we would be eaten at this time. They only get a 15g serving, it usually is snarfed up in two minutes or less.

Kibble could be fed as early as afternoon coffee time at 4pm, or somewhere around 5-6pm – we like to keep it varied so they don’t know exactly when to expect it. But keeping it varied means we get stared at from 4pm onwards. I’m ok with it, and I do not let it influence me at all. Kibble time will not change no matter how evil the stares!

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5 thoughts on “Where My Kibble At?

  1. “Kibble can be served as early as 4pm or anytime between 5-6pm….”
    “Kibble time will not be changed…”
    You’ve already got a lot of variance (change) in those time slots, I’d suggest finding a time slot and sticking with it.

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