Nobody clicked the music clips in my review below. So now you’re all officially IN MY BAD BOOKS, and bugger it if I’m ever like putting effort into stuff for you again! You can all sit there without music, all depressed and stuff. Because music is what keeps people happy, people!

And I’m sitting here having locked the cats away (they’re indoor cats) in the little room down the end of the house waiting for a truck to deliver me a split system air conditioner and a new fridge. Yes, the old fridge literally deaded itself yesterday It was making a terrible noise then it stopped working, Just when I thought I would have to carry all my cold stuff down the street to my parents place, it seemed to get working again. It’s been making loud explosion like sounds for a while.

The poor kitties! I can hear their small mews and the little one is desperately trying to get out, she’s got a paw under the door and is jiggling it, that works with most rooms except that one, which is why they are in there. But still, no truck! I should have waited till the truck got here but they can be hard to catch when that happens. It’s been over 20 minutes already. The driver was supposed to be coming straight here. I feel terrible and I just want to let them out. If he’s much longer I’ll have to but there’s no way I’ll ever get them locked in again today. JUST GET HERE ALREADY! Deliver my stuff and go away so I can let my kitties run free! grrrr

The other half asked me what I would like to do with the dead fridge. I’d like to send it back to Fisher & Crappel oops Paykel, if you don’t mind. I’d like them to stick it where the sun does not shine. Though I realise this may take time and much lubrication.. it’s quite a large fridge, but it would make me feel better. 8 years out of a fridge is nowhere near long enough. I would never have bought it, it was given to us by my parents when we moved here to use until we bought our own new fridge. They’d replaced it with *another* Fisher and Crappel! Yes, another sign I was adopted right there. ;)

If you got here searching for Fisher & Paykel and you’re thinking about buying something of theirs? STOP NOW. Especially the washing machines, those are such evil crap in my opinion, I believe they are designed to break. Every time I sold one I’d say to myself “I’m so going to hell”. I tried to talk those people out of that mistake, but it was their choice. I’d tell them all the reasons it was bad, and they’d still want one and hand over substantial amounts of cash. I’m SORRY, I tried to tell you!

Still no truck. Another 10 minutes has gone by since I wrote the above. The kitties are trying the silence tactic now. This involves making no noise at all, hoping I will open the door to check on them. If I did that, they would be sitting right next to the door, and they would be out of there like a gunshot, running for their nearest “haha you can’t get me out of here” places. That would be fine if the nitwit who designed this house had put doors in crucial places. But they haven’t, it’s “open plan” and you can walk from the front door to the back of the house, no doors. Even that wouldn’t be so bad, if the doors that are here actually worked. I can name two doors the kitties can’t open. The rest are as useless as this truck driver who STILL IS NOT HERE.

There’s no milk. I can’t make coffee. I could walk down the street and get milk, but I am stuck here waiting for the VERY LATE truck driver. Hello? I live 3 minutes drive from the shop. What the fuck is taking so long to get here? I NEED COFFEE NOW. It’s bad enough my kitties are locked away, but no coffee on top of that, and nobody clicking on my well made mp3 Rockstar Supernova link which showcases the brilliance of my latest CD purchase, and it’s enough to make one start throwing things.

I’m in SUCH a bad mood now. Back slowly away, people. But you can click on my link first.. WHERE is this truck? It’s been another 10 minutes. The kitties tried opening the door again and have gone back to the silence tactic now. It’s starting to work. What if something happened in there? Maybe they’ve just given up and are curled up into little balls of fluff sleeping cutely. But you can bet the minute I open that door and let them out, the truck will arrive, and I’ll have to lock them up again so they can’t get outside. But if I don’t open it, the truck will never get here.

It’s been an hour now. I have to let them out. You watch this truck turn up..

Well it’s a good thing I let them out, another half hour has gone by, no truck. And no coffee. I really *really* need coffee now. And it was starting to get a little warm in that room they were in with the door shut, I’ve been sitting on the floor while the coolness from the airconditioned other rooms was pouring in. I have no idea how I am going to manage to get the cats back into one of the two rooms they can’t open the door of, and this is just making me more angry at the truck driver vanishing somewhere between here and the shop.

Phew, almost two hours since the other half called me to say the truck was on the way, they got here. With icecream. So that’s where they disappeared to! They didn’t bring any for me :( and if I’d known they were at the shops I would have said get milk! ;)

The cats are back out now, I locked them in the other room with a door that works. They promptly hid under the bed. Now I have two fridges in the middle of my kitchen, a cat tower in the middle of the walkway because they needed to move it to get the fridge in, and two cats sniffing around checking it all out. Oh, and ants. I don’t know why or how ;( I’m gonna have to spray surface spray today.

I’m going to get milk, make me coffee, and then I might try to write a somewhat more intelligent post to put here on this blog. :)

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5 thoughts on “Grrr

  1. I also clicked on the link. I also listened to it; and it is quite the masterpiece. ;)

    We don’t have the F&P appliances up here (as far as I know, it might be a different case in other parts of the country), but the main thing that we get from them are CPAP machines; the main purpose of said machines is to help people with sleep apn(o)ea to sleep easier.

  2. Ditto about listening to your mp3 file yesterday. Really enjoyed it. You have to figure out why you didn’t register the linking. Don’t worry, we’re listening.

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