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You may recall the Kitty In Box post a few weeks ago. Some years ago we bought those kitties these little hut bed things. They have relentlessly ignored them. We’ve tried putting them in places the kitties like to sleep, we tried putting them on top of the cat towers, we’ve hid little snacks and favourite toys in them. None of these tricks have worked.

A couple of weeks ago, The Other Half had the bright idea of placing box lids inside of the hut beds.. These photos were taken just a few minutes ago.

Kitties in huts

Big Kitty in the bedroom hut.

Kitties in huts

Little Kitty in the hut on The Other Half’s desk.

This is the first time they have both been in the huts at the same time, but they’ve been sleeping in them for a few days now. I think something about the cardboard is soothing to the kitties, plus it warms up under them and they like that a lot!

I think that The Other Half shall be rewarded the gold medal for making kitties do what we want them to do with a bit of creative thinking.

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5 thoughts on “Get Creative..

  1. We actually ended up throwing our kitty house away because neither of our cats would go in it.

    Funny thing is, I have got one of those card box lids on my desk in a corner and one of the cats is in it almost constantly. The card box lid keeps the cat of my keyboard … most of the times … :-)

  2. LOL. My cats love cardboard too. I have one of those same little huts for my cats. One cat won’t go in it because the other has sort of “claimed” it I guess. And since it smells like HIM, SHE won’t go in it. Oh well. They each have their favorite places. I just think it is funny that yours wouldn’t go in theirs until you put in the cardboard.

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