Visit to the vet.

Yesterday we went to the vet that doesn’t make appointments. The kitties were not really thrilled about all this.

To begin with, the other half went down to the room where the cat carriers are kept and put them back together while I kept them busy in the kitchen with lactose free kitty milk. I heard him walking down the hallway and I was like “You’re not bringing the carriers are you?” but of course, he did, and the minute Big Kitty saw them, she bolted out of the room looking for somewhere to hide. He dropped both the carriers onto the couch and ran after her, and caught her just before she ran under the bed. Lucky, because we’d not have got her out from behind there, and it’s a waterbed so no chance of moving it.

The little kitty had clearly forgotten what cat carriers meant and she had found a big blowfly which she was trying to catch and dead, so she paid no attention until she was scooped up and put into the carrier, at which point she began a pitiful kitty cry, which I am sure was more about missing out on deading the blowfly than anything else.

All the way to the vets, both of them put on the let me out of here cry. When we got to the vet, there was this absolutely gorgeous greyhound. Both kitties spotted it, and big kitty hid at the back of her carrier while little kitty crawled under her towel in an attempt to hide.

We had a bit of a wait cos of the no appointments thing and then in to see the vet. He was very nice but the big kitty did not think so, this was the first time she’d ever hissed and spat at a vet. She got her injection and quickly back into the carrier for her. He did manage to check her teeth and he thought they were in really great condition for a cat of her age.

Little kittys turn and she didn’t really mind too much, she let him have a good look at her, got her injection without any hassles, and pranced about the table a bit looking all cute while the vet told her how pretty her coat was (that is so true, she is absolutely gorgeously fluffy) and in what good condition she was and that her teeth were also excellent and that she’s not really fat yet (HA I told you she wasn’t fat, the other half!) but she could be going that way and it would be good to try and encourage her to exercise more.

Then the kitties went home, at which point the older kitty was given some kitty milk and special cat food which I bought while at the vets and for the first time ever I saw her just *inhale*food like the little kitty, she really liked that food. Other than that she was pretty mad at us for the rest of the day. She holds a grudge about having to go to the vet for at least a month. The little kitty was back to her nutty self as soon as she spotted the blowfly which she then deaded. :)

I’ve run into a few too many spiders over the last 24 hours, it’s time to get out the deadly spider spray and do some serious spraying. That’s going to be my chore for this afternoon..

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  1. When I take my guy Ralph to the vet the woman always comes out with a clipboard and says “Ralph ____” with my last name which cracks me up because when I look at him I think, “Yeah, that’s him. He’s mine”

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