Kitty In Box..

Last week Matt Cutts posted about the Kitt Inbox, which is a very plush looking inbox for cats that you can attach to your desk. I sent the link to The Other Half, who thought it was a great idea. This week he discovered a version that cost us.. well.. nothing.. because it is the lid of a 5 ream box of paper. ;) Except it does take up a little desk space..

Little Kitty In A Box

I don’t know why cats have an obsession with boxes – or even if all cats do, but ours certainly can’t resist a box. They have all manner of comfortable places to sleep yet they will choose a box over any of the comfortable places anytime, even if they don’t quite fit inside it.

And yes, I will post something non-kitty related soon – things are a tad hectic at the moment. I’ve done a couple of new websites for people this week – Artists Blog for Artoholic from the Aussie Bloggers Forum – Cindy made her own header and it is gorgeous. I like the theme with the white on the sides, too.

Kin’s Money for Kin who I knew previous to the Aussie Bloggers Forum and who recently became a moderator there. Kin had found the little piggy which inspired the text in the header – I am crazy about it. Whenever I create a new header for someone it is like a very intoxicating drug – I can’t get enough of looking at it for a little while. I love the texture of the gold text. I tried to make the gold a little darker but then it didn’t quite match the pig and it never looked quite as good as that shade of gold you see there now.

While working on Kin’s Money, I discovered just how lucky I was to find this Freedom Green theme right off the bat because I went looking for a different theme to use. We found one and we tried using it only to find halfway through that the middle sidebar was not widgetized. The same thing had happened to me with a theme that Artoholic Cindy wanted to use only that one was completely non-widgetized.

I’ve done countless websites with the Freedom Green theme now – below you will see links to a few of them – and it never gets old for me – but I think it always looks slightly different and new because I always customise it and change the colors. In this case I changed the text for Kin and I like the different text so I may experiment with a few different fonts here on my blog.

Gemisht (purple nav bar)

LighteningOnline (a gorgeously raspberry color)

The Nutcracker Ski Club (I reversed the nav bar on this one)

Miss Amelia Smith (orange nav bar)

Kin’s Home Of Slightly Cracked Dreams (lovely and orange all over!)

Birdwing Therapies (love the green and gold)

Cherry Blossom Adventures (pink! And then some! I love the pink fade along the white edges)

Aussie Bloggers Blog (I still adore the header I made for this, it never gets old)

I don’t think I missed anyone out who is using this theme but let me know if I did. ;) As you can see by looking at the sites above, the Freedom Green theme is highly customisable. And I know this theme like the back of my hand now – I will always recommend using it to people simply because I know it well enough to be able to trouble shoot. ;)

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9 thoughts on “Kitty In Box..

  1. Kin’s new blog looks great.
    My kitty loves boxes too and anywhere warm and cosy like the beds better.
    You have a done some great blog theme work and tweaking there.

  2. My cat *sniff* (gone to Kitty Heaven) loved boxes too. And drawers. Actually I’ll try and find a pic of her in the drawer for you ;)

    Thanks for the work you do on my blogs. I’m totally in love with my little piggy. It is a pretty awesome theme – I struggle to find anything half as good (as you well know ;) ).

  3. My cat’s not into boxes. He loves lounges, beds and piles of clean washing. Well, it was clean before he went to sleep on it.

    Thanks for the link. I am still in love with my theme and the header. It’s all gorgeous.

  4. It’s always great when you find a blog theme you can love and get to know like the back of your hand.
    I’m always wanting something no one else has, so I’m constantly either searching for something new, or changing what I have :)
    Never satisfied.
    I so, so, so want a kitty *sigh*
    I just don’t think I can handle the litter tray thing, and I don’t want to have a kitty if I can’t be responsible and keep it safe inside. So as yet, no kitty I guess :(

  5. Thanks again for a lovely job creating my blog – it hasn’t been easy on my brain absorbing all the techie stuff. Thank the stars you know your stuff!

    No images in the comments section here? (Bugpond has them). I was going to upload my Kitty-in-A-Tin shot. She squished herself into an old old Arnotts biscuit tin on my studio desk.

    Hey, I see the biscuits on your desk too – Arnotts coffee ones on the bottom?

    Back to steep-learning-curve-for-the-blog now. It’s doing my head in.


    Artoholic Cindy

  6. Hmm, somehow I missed the whole Aussie blog thing and thought you were just running a forum about blogging. That certainly explains where you’ve been lately. ;)

    It looks very noice btw.

  7. *sniff sniff*

    this reminds me of my old pal ‘Kehya’ …. I never could get him to use the boxes i provided, no matter what luxuries i provided him with. My clothes basket was always his home ;)

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