Sunday Selections Week 41


While meditating on whether or not I should purchase the Gold Pineapple for my Pineapple Collection, I was wandering through Pillowtalk with a friend and I discovered a couple of items which were considerably marked down. They returned home with me to be added to the candle shelf.


First up, I wanted to see if we could hang up my clock to add some room to the shelf. I was concerned about hanging it up because it is very heavy indeed, and we’d already had an incident where the whiteboard fell off the wall here. The whiteboard is firmly screwed into the wall studs now, and so is the nail holding up the clock.


This tealight holder was $4. I liked it because it was that gorgeous blue glass which I love to collect. However, light a candle inside it, and you get almost a purple effect. The light that shines out of it is a cool white.


The effect of this is quite interesting and makes me want to add more tealight holders in various colours to the shelf.


This gorgeous glass tealight holder with silver accents was $9. I thought it would be interesting to have a candle at a slightly different height, plus the silver fits in with the shelf very well now.


I was right that it is interesting – it allows for some new reflections from the pineapples. I’m still considering the gold pineapple – if and when it gets marked down and I happen to drop in and spot it, I will likely pick it up. Until then, this shelf is looking pretty awesome with the new additions, and I have a few tealight holders which I am planning to rotate onto the shelf regularly.


Of course, there was a copper vase added recently and I also got two new bright red tealight holders. I’ll show you those next time.

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Weekly Wrap Up –

Oops, totally forgot to schedule this post yesterday! I was out to dinner with family while The Other Half went to bed super early. He has gone to Bathurst today leaving at 1am. I am here with a cat who spent most of the night unsuccessfully trying to remove her collar. She is very determined but she has finally given up and climbed into one of her favourite spots to get some sleep.

I get to visit Canberra on Wednesday – just a short day trip. I’m not sure what the plans are but I know DFO is in there somewhere. Next weekend we are dropping my Loopy Uncle off at the airport with all his stuff, and he is going back to Adelaide to live. He has so successfully chewed through my parents goodwill that they are saying they will not take him. Whether that turns out to be the case or whether my Dad will change his mind at the last minute I am not sure.

Fun for all the family! But hey, we’ll make it fun for us with a drop into IKEA, and go to dinner with friends, and probably bring home some Krispy Kremes.

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15 thoughts on “Sunday Selections Week 41

    • I’m hoping I will be able to – I have been told I will have two hours to kill, though I am not sure at what time exactly. I credit the candle light with helping my Seasonal Affective Disorder last winter.. :)

    • The shelf now has 9 candles going daily, so I have added a few more. Two gorgeous red candle holders, and a bright green crystal skull which I was very excited to find. It is meant to be for Halloween but piffle to Halloween, it is gorgeous and will be used year round here.. :)

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