Pineapple Collection

Gold and Silver pineapples at Pillowtalk

A while back, Kirsten over at Kirsten & Co wrote this post – My DIY Bar Cart Project – and in the comments I mentioned I would check out Target to see if I could get me one of the gold pineapples. When visiting Shellharbour to see Take That live back in July, I did drop into Kmart and they did not have any gold pineapples left. They did have metallic pink ones, but every single one was slightly damaged.

With my Kmart pineapples I bought as gifts for family, I regularly visited until I found a non-damaged pineapple. We have a Kmart nearby so regular visits was not a problem. With Target being a two hour round trip, regular visits were not going to happen.


My friend who I went to see Take That live with suggested that I visit Pillowtalk to see if they had any pineapples. And it turned out, they did. The gold one was a little pricey for me at $49.95, but they are local and I can keep checking back until they go on special or on clearance which they eventually will.


So, I bought the silver pineapple for $29.95 from Pillowtalk, and added it to my candle shelf in the entry way. I can see it from where I presently sit, reflecting the late afternoon sun rays from the sliding door. When it is night time, lighting the candles creates a lovely reflection from the silver pineapple, and also from the gold foil sleigh I have sitting on that shelf.


The yellow one was originally a gift to my sister, but apparently it did not suit her partner and his design ethics and standards (alternatively it could be because he is an a**hole), and thus it was left behind when they went home after their visit.

After all those visits to Kmart to get a perfect one, I figured it would fit in well at my house, though yellow might not have been my personal first choice of colour. They had white and jade ones too, once upon a time. I never saw a perfect jade one, I did find a perfect white one which I gave to my parents, and it now sits on their stairwell shelf.


So now that I have two pineapples, I guess I am starting a pineapple collection. I’ve seen a couple of others I would like to add eventually, as well. Kmart no longer stocks the pineapples, at least, not that I could find on my recent visits, otherwise I would still be trying for a jade one because that was gorgeous.

I will like to mention, Happy Actual Birthday to Sephyroth today. You may recall I changed his birthday to February, for reasons I explained in this post.

Sadly though, the movie Triple 9 which was meant to be released today has been delayed until March 2016.

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18 thoughts on “Pineapple Collection

    • I have a lot of stories about him, 99% of which involve his a**hole nature. :( I’m not a fan and I don’t think I ever will be. It is a shame because we really do have a lot in common.

  1. It’s good my mother didn’t read this. When she hears the word “collection,” she starts collecting for you. Within a month, you’d have hundreds of pineapples (maybe even a few nice ones). I “collected” giraffes. I ended up with giraffe pencils, erasers, napkin rings, T-shirts, figurines of every size — ceramic, wood, PLASTIC… I won’t tell her about your pineapples, which are beautiful!

    • Mitchell, I think that is deeply cool. I wish my Mother would do something like that.. in general though she is so busy with work she doesn’t take the time to look at things when she is out and about. Sometimes I land on a day when she is in a mood to shop.. those days are always fascinating. One time we were in Canberra at an outlet place and there was this Chinese homewares place, my Chinese Aunt had arrived in Australia not long beforehand, and Mother was inspired to create some very odd vase and fake flower sets, plus she bought a lot of Chinese dishes and chopsticks. I think the store owners were a little taken aback at her enthusiasm for their items.. :)

    • Hawaii would have been the perfect place to start my pineapple collection.. :) When I was at the Dole Plantation I did get a small Swarovski pineapple wind chime which hangs above our back door. That has to be one of the most incredible gift shops I have ever visited. They found ways to relate pineapple to all kinds of usually non-pineapple things. And their lip balms are fantastic.. :)

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