When it was time to take the Aunt and Uncle back to the airport after their visit in August – another Aunt and Uncle were also going somewhere that day – they were flying to China. Arrangements were made for a trip using both cars because the Chinese trippers had 4 very large suitcases full of vitamins and baby formula.


Added in was a meeting with my sister and her partner for lunch at the St George Rowers Club. Because we’d just spent a week with everyone toodling and gallivanting, and we wanted to make sure my sister & co had plenty of family time, we dropped them off at the Rowers and headed to the very close by Ikea at Tempe for a Swedish meatball lunch, and to pick up some items we needed.


Over our many visits to IKEA, I have discovered the short cuts between various areas. I spotted a staff member going through a very large plastic door to one of the other sections – there was no sign saying staff only so I figured there was no reason I couldn’t use that door myself. Then I found other doors, and on one visit we were really hungry and discovered if you take a left at the top of the escalators, you could go right to the cafe.


Maybe the shortcuts are a new addition to the maps, or maybe back when we started going there I was so deer in the headlights I did not even read the maps. I’m not sure. I was surprised to see them on the maps as I always felt like it was a bit of a secret squirrel thing. ;)

What we most needed were tealight candles and large square oven trays. They had some new flavours to try – the coconut one is very awesome.


These DRÖMMAR oven trays are huge and fit nicely in our new oven.


I also got some more of these cups which I’ve had several sets of – these ones are a different colour. Christmas colours, you could say. Two of these cups = one bottle of Soda Stream.


They had my favourite rubbish bin in pink this time which I could not resist.


We thought these mugs were a decent size for the second coffee cup of the day, and we’ve been enjoying them afternoons when The Other Half arrives home. I like mine with a side of the ginger Ikea biscuits we bought.


I got some straws for spring and summer milkshakes and smoothies – I picked up a second egg slicer as I was using our present one daily and thought a second would be handy – we thought we would try this glass storage container and if we like it next time we are there we will pick up some more.


I spotted these gorgeous metal candle holders near the bathrooms next to the restaurant. I did not pick any up, thinking they would be found in the market hall. Of course, they were nowhere to be seen there, and I had to trek all the way back upstairs. I’ve got a silver pineapple and now these, there is a bit of a silver theme running on my candle shelf. I love that they reflect different shapes onto the wall.


I took a couple of candles from each packet to put in my small container and stored the rest away together in the candle container. They will keep me going for quite some time, even though I am burning candles daily here.


We also loved these bathmats. We put them on the floor for the kitties to sniff and roadtest. We have one bathmat with an inside of memory foam and neither of them will walk on it, because it feels weird to their feet. They like these new ones, though. They got right onto scenting them up.


Happy moments were had by all. :)

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18 thoughts on “IKEA Haul

  1. Obviously we both shop to please our cats, since that’s the most important thing. ;) I love IKEA though. There’s one about 25 minutes from me. The only thing I don’t like is that they don’t open until 10 am; that’s a bit late for me on the weekend, because I like to get there early before it becomes a mad house (which doesn’t take long as it’s the only one in my state). It’s funny you posted this today, because I was thinking about IKEA this morning.

    • Forgot to say that I love the food market in there! Unfortunately I’m drawn to all the cookies and, since I’ve had weight loss surgery, they’re not something I should be buying!

    • The cats certainly think that is the most important thing. :) They have commandeered two of these bathmats for themselves – The Other Half had a great idea and put one on the bed in the middle and that is where they like to sleep on the bed now. The other is on a pillow in front of the gas fire, and they take turns on that spot. I love IKEA deeply! ;)

  2. I love those silver candle holders, but not enough to brave the freeway to look for them at our local IKEA. I too am calmed by reflections; it’s why I’m crazy about my solar lights outside, which make a star pattern on the sidewalk. :)

    • I have been having a great time with my candle shelf lately – I think I may now have reached maximum awesomeness there. :) I never connected the dots before your comment – calming is one reason I do enjoy them.. :)

  3. We’re planning another trip to IKEA this week. I love it there. I think those shortcuts are a recent development. The original intent was to make you walk through the entire maze. I like being able to get to things more directly. We’ve already got a couple of those metal candle holders!

    • The maze is very fascinating to me usually, but on the last couple of trips we have skipped it and gone to the cafe, then taken the stairs down to the market hall. I’m probably missing out on some awesome things that can only be found in the maze.. :)

  4. Love the silver candle holders! Too funny that your cats won’t walk on the foam bathmat…ours loves it and will lay there the entire time we shower!

    • They think that bathmat is trying to swallow their feet, I suspect. :) Though I might have to put it back into the bathroom because they have taken to attacking one of the other bathmats somewhat violently and religiously.. they would leave the foam one alone, too scared of it! ;)

    • IKEA is rather brilliant. My favourite thing we ever got there is the Kalas plates, cups and bowls. They are in the kids section. Those things are microwave and dishwasher proof, last a super long time, and are lovely colours. We have some very large Kalas plate and bowl stacks. The cups are small but perfect for times when you need a small cup. Please post about it when you go! :)

  5. At our Ikea we turn right at the top of the escalators, to the restaurant which I always pass right by and get to the toilets because that’s what I need after two longish bus rides to get there. I don’t eat Ikea food though, don’t even buy their milk chocolate anymore. At first it was great stuff, but now it tastes funny to me.
    I buy Anna’s Ginger thins from Coles, they’re the best I’ve found.
    I like those silver candles holders very much and bought the same packet of straws last time I was there for the summer milkshakes I’ll be making.

    • I love Anna’s ginger thins. I do think they have a little more ginger than Pepperkrakor does. I noticed they have installed a proper cafe up there. I did not get to take a proper look but we’ll be going back in October and I will check it out further. :)

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