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When you have two kitties both of whom like to get up close and personal with, well, everything, finding a place to burn candles can be a bit of a problem.

This location is very high up and there are no places where the kitties can make their way up here, no steps to make a kitty ladder. In fact, it is probably less than half a meter from the ceiling. Tealights can be safely burned here, and this is the location where I burn my wax melts.


I also burn a tealight in the Dusk Spinning Butterfly tealight candle holder. It puts a gorgeous spinning golden glow on the ceiling which is somehow comforting to me. The thermals that the candle throws out magically turns the turntable and it spins. Depending on the candle you use and the heat given off, it can spin at different speeds.

I tend to use two brands of tealights – I like the assorted 50 pack from Dusk – and I love the extra excellent value tealight packs from IKEA. 30 tealights for $2.49, you really can’t ask for any better than that.

You might ask – why two different kinds of tealight candles? Well first of all, they have different burn times. The IKEA ones are regularly 4 hours or so, which makes them perfect for an evening burn eg 6pm-10pm. The Dusk candles are 6-8 hours which is a good daytime burn time. Combine the two and you cover the entire day – 10-6pm or so, then 6-10pm or so, and I can light them and forget them, because they will burn out before I have to think about snuffing them.

The spinning butterfly tealight candle holder can still be purchased from Dusk, though I do not see any purple ones or the teal green which I really wanted to get as well. I will cross my fingers that maybe our local store has one in teal when we next visit – we are nearly out of chicken, so we will be heading to Shellharbour and Warrawong next weekend. If no teal, maybe this gold owl version might come home with us.

Below I have put a couple of videos – they are just 10 seconds long each, you get a closeup of the spinning butterflies in the first one, and you can see the reflection the spinning holder puts on the ceiling in the second.

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4 thoughts on “Zen Moment

  1. Your spinning butterfly reminded me of a similar Christmas ornament I had and had forgotten about, now I’m wondering whatever happened to it.
    It had five candles around the perimeter, pencil thickness and about 6cm high; when lit the Angels with trumpets would slowly spin and lightly touch on the bells which would then tinkle.
    I haven’t thought about it in years and now I miss it and want it back.

  2. I watched the videos and they sort of mesmerized me. I can see how it would be very calming. With my guest cat here, I don’t burn candles, but I do use Scentsy warmers with my favorite scents. It’s not the same, but I swear there isn’t a place high enough that Mari can’t get to!!

  3. I have lots of kitties and something i can’t have in the house is plants. Inevitably someone eats them and that’s it. Candles aren’t a problem for some reason.

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