Retail Therapy

Today we did not plan to go shopping, but with KRudd’s $900 bonus burning a hole in everyones pocket, who could resist?


We bought us a great spicerack spinner thingy, a new oil burner for the other half, some excellent value scented tealight candles from my favourite candle shop which work out to 50 cents a candle, a jewellery rack for my earring collection, a new knife set as our old one was ageing ungracefully, and a knife sharpener to keep the knives sharp..

jewelsSome of my earrings checking out the new home. The pink ones in the middle were sent to me by Charcoal Sniper P, one of the mods on The Mudflats, they are sooo pretty and they also arrived with some maple candy which I had always wanted to try. Char gets married in like a week and a half, too! :) Congratulations on the impending nuptials Char – and a welcome end to the stress of wedding planning. ;)

Of course, it is a pity that we only spent a tiny amount of the billions monies KRudd is throwing around, the rest will go to pay off debts which probably won’t do the economy any good..

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One thought on “Retail Therapy

  1. Remember all the media jokes about people rushing out to buy new TV’s? Well, I did. my old analogue TV wasn’t getting great reception and was making funny crackling noises as well, so I took my $900 and bought a lovely new digital TV. And a new dvd player. Nothing huge, since I only have a small living room, and lets face it, $900 doesn’t go all that far when you’re buying quality electronics.Hubby was a bit panicky that I’d spent the whole lot in less that 2 hours, but I’m happy with my purchase and I wouldn’t have been able to afford a new TV any other way.

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