Bacon and Avocado Grills

1. Toast Bread.
1a. You can butter your bread, or use cream cheese. I do not like to do either, myself. Any of these options will work.
2. Place enough bacon to cover your bread under your grill – however you do it. Or, you can cook it in a frypan but that will take longer I suspect. I have an LG Solardom so I put it on the top shelf of the microwave for 5 minutes, turn it over, and do the other side for 4 mins. When you have done that, it will look like this.
3. While the bacon grills, once you have toasted the bread, cover it in avocado. I like to slice mine and arrange it creatively on the bread. Some like to mush theirs up. Either way is fine. Mine look like this.
4. When the bacon is grilled, arrange it prettily on top of your avocado covered toast. Like this.
5. Cover the bacon with a slice of cheese. I like the Aldi vintage sliced cheese for me, but for you feel free to use any cheese you like.
6. Place grills back in the oven until the cheese is melted how you like it.
7. Eat!

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10 thoughts on “Bacon and Avocado Grills

  1. How lovely – your bacon looks nothing like ours, however. If I didn’t know better, I’d say your Australian bacon looks like what Americans call “Canadian Bacon” and we Canadians call “back bacon”

  2. It looks more like ham than bacon…which means that I probably did use the “wrong” bacon… ;)

    Oh well, another trip to the store to get some back bacon prolly won’t go astray :)

  3. Oh that looks absolutely delicious and so innovative and your bacon does look like Canadian Bacon. When I was growing up our mom would fry bacon save the fat and we’d often smear it on our was luscious however all our family tends to over eat and gain pounds…maybe too many mash potatoes gravy etc etc bacon fat and apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

    Dorothy from grammology

  4. The food looks very tasty. I don’t microwave at home, but I will try to make this food in the oven. I think that there will be not differences and there will be tasty as it looks.

  5. Looks like Canadian style back bacon and that sammy is a million calories. Yoiks!


    This Polish deli in town has this double smoked bacon, no need to fry or cook, just throw on some rye bread with caraway seed and yum. lol

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